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<nettime> [crisisweb] New ICG Balkans Reports Available

C R I S I S W E B    N E W S
Tuesday June 1, 1999

The magnitude and complexity of the unfolding refugee crisis in the Balkans
is hard to overstate. One and a half million people have been forced to
flee their homes in Kosovo since the start of this year, joining the ranks
of a further one and a half million other refugees and internally displaced
persons (IDPs) from earlier wars in Croatia and Bosnia. Creating the
conditions necessary for large scale return will take a long time and
require enormous resources. ICG's latest report "The Balkan Refugee Crisis:
Regional and long term perspectives" (June 1, 1999) argues in favour of
providing temporary protection for refugees in the region, with the aim of
them returning home at the earliest opportunity, and calls for the
establishment of a comprehensive repatriation plan.

ICG's latest Yugoslavia briefing "Wanted for War Crimes" (May 31, 1999)
discusses the implications of the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic and four
other Yugoslav and Serbian officials -- a move welcomed by ICG. The report
argues that indicting Milosevic while at the same time continuing to deal
with him as if nothing has changed would risk undermining the International
Criminal Tribunal and the rule of international law. Equally, indicting
Milosevic while continuing to rule out a ground intervention in Kosovo will
do nothing to advance NATO's objectives and may even push them further out
of reach.

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