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<nettime> FW: Conference

From: Gay Tracy <tracy@NEDCC.ORG>
Subject: Conference
Date: Thu, Jun 3, 1999, 5:52 AM

Rethinking Cultural Publications: Digital, Multimedia, and other 21st
Century Strategies
September 15 - 17, 1999: Washington , DC

At the Carmichael Auditorium, National Museum of American History,
Smithsonian Institution on 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW,
Washington, DC

A conference presented by the Northeast Document Conservation Center and
sponsored by the National Park Service Museum Management Program with
support from NPS Cultural Resources Training Initiative.  Cosponsored by
the National Museum of American History and the Office of the Counselor to
the Secretary for Electronic Communications and Special Projects,
Smithsonian Institution.

What will be taught?
The conference provides attendees with the basics of how to prepare
digital, multi-media and paper publications on cultural collections for
museums, archives, libraries, centers, and other historic preservation
resources.  Rethinking Cultural Publications presents ways in which
institutions can share rich cultural heritage collections and information
with diverse communities.  The agenda gives participants the tools to
create publications that feature collections, research, and knowledge for
the general public, scholars, educators, students, and professional

Topics include:
How are Democracy and Culture Linked?
How to Develop an Appropriate Topic
What are the Elements of a Publication Project?
How to Reach Diverse Communities
How to Manage Publication Projects
How to Produce a Web Site
How to Bring Visitors to Your Site
What are the Legal Issues of Publications?
How to Select Media and Formats
How to Use Durable Media
How to Select an Editor, Designer and Publisher
How to Fund Publications

Who should attend?
Participants from across the United States and internationally will attend
this conference.  Cultural resources managers, librarians, curators,
registrars, media and information management specialists, publications and
public relations staff, collections care personnel, archivists, educators,
students, historians, interpreters, records managers, fund raisers and
others will find this innovative conference of significant value.

Who are the faculty? Orlando Bagwell, WGBH Public Broadcasting of Boston;
David Beacom, National Geographic Society; Spencer Crew, Smithsonian
Institution, National Museum of American History; Steve Dalton, Northeast
Document Conservation Center; W. Ralph Eubanks, Library of Congress; Anne
Gilliland-Swetland, University of California, Los Angeles; Mark Holmes,
National Geographic Interactive; Henry Kelly, White House Office of Science
and Technology Policy; Carla Mattix, US Department of the Interior; Brett
Miller, Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius, L.L.P.; Judy Metro, Yale University
Press; Barbara Moore, National Gallery of Art; Hugh O Connor, American
Association of Retired Persons; Mark Oviatt, National Park Service; Marc
Pachter, Smithsonian Institution; Patricia Pasqual, The Foundation Center;
Steve Puglia, National Archives and Records Administration; Anthony Seeger,
Smithsonian Institution; Beverly Sheppard, Institute of Museum and Library
Services; Andrea Stevens, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition
Service; Kate Stevenson, National Park Service; and Roy Tennant, University
of California, Berkeley.

Who organized the conference?  The conference was organized by the National
Park Service s Museum Management Program, and produced with support from
NPS Cultural Resources Training Initiative.  The conference is co-sponsored
by the National Museum of American History and the Office of the Counselor
to the Secretary for Electronic Communications and Special Projects,
Smithsonian Institution.  Other cosponsors include the American Association
of Museums, Library of Congress, the National Digital Library, and the
Getty Information Institute.  It is being managed by the Northeast Document
Conservation Center.

What does it cost?  The cost of the conference is $240 for early bird
registration, post marked on or before August 4, 1999 and $300 for late
registration, postmarked on or before August 25, 1999.  A reduced
registration fee of $135 is available to a limited number of National Park
Service and Smithsonian Institution staff on a first-come-first-served
basis who register, on or before July 23, 1999.

Where can I find additional information?  The full agenda and registration
information is posted on NEDCC s web site at <>.  For
information on registration and to request a flier contact Gay Tracy at the
Northeast Document Conservation Center, 100 Brickstone Square, Andover, MA
01810; 978 470-1010; email <>.

Gay S. Tracy
Public Relations Coordinator
Northeast Document Conservation Center
100 Brickstone Square
Andover  MA  01810-1494
Tel 978 470-1010
Fax 978 475-6021

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