Igor Stepancic on Fri, 4 Jun 1999 01:48:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> POW on Biennial


POWs are writting to inform you that a our project will be presented at 48.
Biennale di Venezia on "dAPERTutto" in stanza di Oreste on the following

19. and 20. June
On Line Chatt will take place between 11am - 1 pm and 4pm - 6pm European
time (on both days). Just go to www.blueprintit.com and look for Biennial

Topics will be: Communication in isolation, closed environment.
Subtopics are: 1) Ways and means of communication/ How one communicates when
confined to closed and isolated environment. How does communication goes
within that environment and how it goes with outside world.
2) The content of such communication. What are the contents of such a
communication. Being in isolated environment and without usual means and
technical suport it is not complete. There is something missing, mistakes
are made and so on.
3) Estetics of such communication. Does it make sense. Can and should we
speak about estetics of such communications?

You are welcome to take inter/active part in chat and add some topics.
We are vaiting for You.

POW group, Beograd 

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