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<nettime> FREE B92 ANNOUNCES - NETAID 2 - June 15, 1999

From: Maurice Wessling <>


June 4, 1999


FREE B92 ANNOUNCES - NETAID 2 - June 15, 1999

'Gather together with us in cyberspace, where everybody is listening to 

The Free B92 team invites you to join us for the second installment of 
NetAid - the unique live webcast that last month sent sounds and lifted 
spirits around the globe. NetAid - 2 takes place on June 15, 1999, on 
the following URL:

This 24-hour live music forum follows the great success of the NetAid - 
1, which was held on May 15, 1999, on the 10th birthday of the banned 
independent Belgrade broadcaster - B92. Highlights from NetAid - 1 
include Sonic Youth in concert, a live stream from Mike Watt in 
California, a specially recorded song by Anastasia, the dedicated 
broadcast of Vienna's FM4 to NetAid, and exclusive mixes by John 
Acquaviva, Charlie Hall, Miles Hollway, B.L.I.M., Jamie Myerson, 
Electric Indigo and others.

NetAid is primarily an artistic venture, which seeks to harness the 
creative energy of music to counter the forces of destruction and to 
express the power of peace. NetAid is not a typical benefit action, as 
the primary goal is to collect music and to benefit from your art rather 
than from your money.



We need exclusive music that represents you - it could be anything, from 
one song to a whole concert. We accept your MP3 files, CDs, MD and DAT 
tapes, from any sound source. If you can organize a live stream from 
your studio, just let us know!

Material can be sent to our snail mail address: 
Help B92/NetAid 
De Balie 
Kleine-Gartman Plantsoen 10 
1017 RR Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Our e-mail address (Gordan Paunovic, event organiser) is:

For further details on FTP or Real Audio Server, please write to the 
above e-mail address.

Support messages

If you support NetAid, and our goal to oppose the use of violence as a 
means to solve political problems, and are not able to organize a live 
stream session or send us any music right now, you can still join in. 
Just send us a support message to our voice box at the following number: 

+31 20 4216439

For more info. on Free B92 and our NetAid archives check out our 

Thank you for you support, and see and hear you on NetAid - 2, June 15, 

FreeB92-NetAid team

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