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<nettime> information 'out of site'

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Subject: information 'out of site'

out of site

a cross-reference exhibition 1960 - 2000

29 May - 4 July 1999
books, magazines, videos, poster, photos, CD-ROMs

guy debord, kapitalistischer realismus, henry flynt, stanley brouwn, emmett
williams, jan dibbets, robert smithson, gordon matta-clark, dan graham, art
- language, gilbert & george, bas jan ader, clegg & guttmann, lee lozano,
marcel broodthaers, sol lewitt, robert morris, büro berlin, büro
kippenberger, ulay/abramovic, david ayers, liam gillick, georgina starr,
christian philipp müller, andrea fraser, gillian wearing, liza may post,
renée green, maria eichhorn, fiona tan, dominique gonzalez-foerster, elektro
& galerie rené block, seth siegelaub, dies alles herzchen wird einmal dir
gehören, 6 years of dematerialization, prospect 69, konzeption/conception,
artforum, sonsbeek 71, when attitudes become form, op losse schroeven,
october, skulptur projekte münster, die endlichkeit der freiheit, 7th
museum, places with a past

4 July 1999   3 - 8 pm
statements, lectures, screenings, interviews, discussion
(update to follow)


PRESS RELEASE - BüroFriedrich, Berlin

out of site

Now, more than ever, contemporary artists are not only dealing with
everyday life in an unrestrained manner. Moreover, in recent decades they
have also reflected on the conditions of their artistic activities as never
before. No crossover without reflecting more deeply on one's own position.
The 'Out of Site' exhibition present a selection of books, magazines,
photographs, videos, CD-ROMs, etc... showing how artists, along with their
curators and critics, have reformulated the position of art since the
'La Société du Spectacle' by Guy Debord, whose revolutionary concepts of
artistic practice and intervention decisively influenced the politicisation
of all aspects of life in the late Sixties, will be shown alongside Robert
Barry's invitation 'during the exhibition the gallery will be closed.' The
artists' socio-critical stance around 1970 also had a hand in shaping the
art system. The projects presented at BüroFriedrich include those of Seth
Siegelaub, a curator who was very active at that time, as well as projects
which led to a disassociation from commercialism in a period which saw the
dematerialisation of the art object. Works by Robert Smithson, Jan Dibbets,
Gordon Matta-Clark, Dan Graham and Bas Jan Ader also reflect growing
attention and a heightened sensitivity to their own artistic attitude in
the evolving context of the arts. With the presentation of catalogues such
as 'Dies alles Herzchen wird einmal Dir gehören' (One day this will belong
to you, darling), which can be considered the first concept exhibition in
Germany, conceptual art is a focal point of the exhibition.

The way in which artists incorporate context into their artistic practice
took on new meaning with the 'site specific' art works of the Eighties.
Christian Philipp Müller's guided tour through the Düsseldorf Academy or
Andrea Fraser's 'Museum highlights - gallery talk' focus on
'system-specific' aspects of art. Exhibitions in public spaces, e.g.
'Endlichkeit der Freiheit' (Finiteness of Freedom) in Berlin and especially
the 'Places with a past' exhibition from Charleston, South Carolina, with
its strong socio-anthropological orientation, invited the artist and public
to confront the specifically historical characteristics of the presentation
Artists of the Nineties have relativized this type of contextualism. It is
as if they themselves have increasingly integrated context into their
works, bypassing the 'ethical responsibility' (Verantwortungsethik).
However, this largely stems from attitudes other than the socio-critical
attitude. It seems, rather, that these artists privatise the very public
nature of context and conceive it as part of their art.

Heightened interest in the artists' attitudes in the artistic context
almost makes itself felt as a series of invisible steps in a discourse on
the term 'public.'

Out of Site highlights that which hardly has a public presence of its one.
Out of Site is a documentary exhibition dealing with aspects of the public.


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