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<nettime> just twiddle the right bit in a filter system and you get...

: The only software that screens FOR PORNOGRAPHY, and filters out all
: other useless information.
: Introducing "Net Nymph" the only software on the Internet that lets
: you view only pornography, without the annoyance, and nuisance of all
: other useless information.
: Are you tired of surfing through hundreds of useless pages containing
: information on news, hobbies, stock market, just to find pornography?
: Are you drained from sorting through hundreds of newsgroups just to
: download an explicit picture?
: Then "Net Nymph" is for you. Using a unique program code "Net Nymph"
: will screen all the pages you try to access to predetermine if there
: is anything of pornographic nature to be found. If "Net Nymph"
: determines that the information on the page is not related to
: pornography, it blocks it out, not allowing you to have access.
: "Net Nymph" is password protected so you can make sure that others
: will not be hindered by the nuisance of finding fruitless data.
: System Requirements:
: 80386 or higher, Windows 3.1 or 95, 5MB of Disk Space, 2MB Ram (4MB
: recommended), VGA or Higher.
: (Mac ver. available soon)
: PRICED ONLY $59.95 + Shipping
: (Net Nymph FAQ)(Testimonials)(F2B Product List)(Other Smut Related
: Links)(Order by Email)

     [this kind of thing was suggested a few years ago by tim
      may on the cypherpunks list after some regulators came
      up with the brilliant idea--maybe it was called 'Child-
      Watch' or somesuch--of mandatory age-flags for *users*,
      e.g., 'under 18,' 'female,' etc. he pointed out the ease 
      with which such a 'protective' system could be co-opted 
     'by pedophiles' as a way to *find* (for example) little 
      girls on the net--hence the name he gave this bit-flipped 
      system: 'LolitaWatch.' cheers, t]
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