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Darko Fritz: PR games on WW2 in foreign Yugoslavia, key for ?

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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:58:20 +0200
Subject: PR games on WW2 in foreign Yugoslavia, key for ?
From: "Darko Fritz" <>

Public Relation games on World War 2 in foreign Yugoslavia, key for ?

on british and serbian propaganda mess, 1941 - 1999
and shortest history of WW2 in foreign YU

or 'how to explain those balkan mess to westerners as a native croatian'
(with a light flavor of conspiracy theory)

in PS or part 2 on misrepresented kosovo albanians

Kim Sengupta wrote in War in The Balkans - Camps boil with anger at
'traitors' in their midst:
> Although gypsies are
> despised and persecuted in most countries of central and eastern Europe,
> in Yugoslavia they were allies of the dominant Serbs in their conflicts
> with Catholic Croats, Muslim Bosnians and now Kosovars. Much of the
> animosity dates back to the Second World War. Both gypsies and Serbs
> were victims of Yugoslavia's Nazi invaders while many Croats and
> Albanians were Germany's allies.

such generalizations improved serbian attack on croatia in early '90,
and following war in bosnia. those were largely supported by sachi &
sachi PR, commissioned by milosevic's regime. (isn't it funny today,
when nato attack serbia ...)
specially were manipulated historic facts about WW2, looking like one

organised antifasictic resistance in territory of foreign yugoslavia
closely after the outbreak of war started in *croatia*. it was organised
mainly by communists and same year spread to the rest of ex-yugoslavian
territory. it took late as *1943* to be officially recognized by allies
(btw, by british observers) !

... 'just a little bit of history repeating' ...

there was a lot of parties in WW2 in foreign yugoslav territory, but i
will mention here only some coatian and serbian parties, skipping even
big ones as italians in dalmatia (craotia's region).

at the outbreak of war yugoslavian (serbian) king escape with his family
to london where he lives the rest of his life. chetniks was formed out
of dedicated ex royal yugoslavian army serbian solders, which promised
themselves to not shave their beards until king is back - and they still
don't shave them today. in beginning of WW2 chetniks have been
collaborated with partisans, but few months latter they change a side
and become german allies (turning against partisans in the middle of one
croatian fascists ustashas have been trained in '30 in fasictic italy,
and come to croatia to run the new fasistic state in 1941.
ustasha special forces in WW2 (something like SS troops) have been
formed by bosnian muslims and croats which then lived in fascist 'big
croatia' state which than including part of bosnia and herzegovina.

in beginning of new bosnian war bosnian croats and muslims together
fight against bosnian and imported serbs. later they start to fight each
other as well, forming 'PR messy' three party war. (strangely enough
both parties have unofficial british officers for military education

as example of new pro-serbian propaganda is kusturica's movie
'underground'. among other images there is the 'portrait' of WW2 croatia
is 5 seconds. it is a shot of croatians waving welcome to germans, and
nothing else.

btw, croatian president tudman was one of tito's generals, and once
active in WW2. he is stupid enough to show his real face and hide this
fact, i.e. not work on his better image using his CV to play PR games
with west. he did not pay to sachi & sachi... maybe he never heard of
them ... maybe better ...

darko fritz, amsterdam, 09 - 06 -1999

PS  or part 2:
this is first ever time (and probablly the last) that i'm publishing
something on balkan war. it was too much war intelectual carriers
profiters around. The label 'country in war' open *too easy* many doors
nowadays in the age of activism.

maybe this text is few years late. maybe is now just right time to be
understood by westerners. croatia neither bosnia are not in the war any
more. now is kosovo war. serbs attack once more time, nothing new in
balkan front apart of nato, and they will left one day. serbs don’t
communicate with kosovo albanians at *any* intelectual or human level
and vice versa for *few centuries*. there is not mixed families over
there. ask your *high rated oppositional intelectual* serb or albanian
frend how many of ‘Others’ are his/her friends, does he/she was working
with them in any of cultural fields. culture in serbia is runned by
serbs after turks left.
at least i admit that i don’t get it whatever of knowing people and deep
history information. all i know that kosovo albanians are weak in this
long story and *misrepresented* as well. today they don’t use internet
often and they hardly have media artist or other chic stuff as movie
production, which can ‘speak’ western (mass) language.
it’s hard to expect to understood kosovo albanians context for
westerners. but i hope that we’ll all work on it.