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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 23:14:31 -0400
From: "t.whid" <>
Subject: interview with herman and kosick

twhid interviews those merry pranksters on the rhizome list, kosick &

tw: so tell me about your recent project, what is it called...

tk: "Endless Series of Mindless Rants"

mh: yes, its a series of emails we are posting to rhizome which create
characters whom happen to have our names, but who act in unpedictable,
delusional, or unstable manners.

tw: interesting, so your emails are a serial fiction, in which we get
to know the characters through their emails. so why did you decide to
depict such unattractive and unsavory characters?

tk: we felt like the artists on rhizome are too friendly to each other,
they lack a healthy critical stance, they are all in bed together it

mh: these characters are supposed to represent the other extreme:
people who are so anti-social they become raving parodies themselves.
we hope by portraying this to the list, we can find a healthy middle

tw: and how does this relate to art in general?

mh: it's a new media project in its form; the serial email, or
"super-spam" as i like to call it..

tw: could you tell us about "super-spam"?

mh: "super-spam" basically relates to a series of flames or spams that
have meta-content, our latest series acts this way in its meta-critique
of artists using so-called critical forums as support groups.

tk: i just like the name "SUPER-SPAM"!!

mh: our latest "super-spam" project isn't interested in having any
function outside of the rhizome list. it begins and ends there. we like
to call this "cultural target marketing", using the strategies of
marketing to tailor-make an artwork for a very narrow demographic. so
we use "super-spam" in conjunction with CTM.


kosick & herman's "Endless Series of Mindless Rants" can be accessed by
subscribing to the rhizome listserv at

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