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nettime-nl: V2_ seeks Project manager DEAF2000

V2_ is looking for a

Project Manager

for the preparation and production of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival
DEAF 2000 (Rotterdam, 15 - 26 November 2000).


DEAF, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, is an international and
interdisciplinary bi-annual festival organised by V2_Organisation in
Rotterdam (Netherlands). DEAF presents an exhibition of interactive
installations, WWW-sites, CD-roms and live performances, seminars,
workshops and an academic symposium. The event brings together a varied
group of visitors, artists and critics from home and abroad and attracts a
growing audience of people for whom this is often their first contact with
this form of contemporary art.

DEAF has established itself as one of the major European events in this
field and is a showcase for recent, in part specially commissioned artwork,
as well as a forum for critical discussion. By collaborating with local,
national and international art and research institutes an attempt is made
to arrive at a synergy between different disciplines, concerning the
thinking about media technology.

* Tasks of the Project Manager DEAF

The Project Manager DEAF is responsible for the overall preparation and
production of DEAF 2000. He/She works together with a team of people who
are responsible for developing the programme of the festival, its technical
production, design, public relations, etc. These different functions will
be put in place in the course of the preparatory phase in 2000. The Project
Manager coordinates these different activities and manages the constructive
cooperation of the different working units.

In the initial phase (February - April 2000), the emphasis will lie on the
preparation of funding and sponsoring applications, and starting up of PR
activities. Then there will be a phase of pre-production with the
preparation of working budgets for specific projects presented in the
festival, evaluation of the practical feasibility of certain parts of the
programme, and of liaising with partner organisations and sponsors (local,
national and international). From August and September onwards, the main
task will lie in structuring the entire production process of the festival,
observing deadlines, coordinating different parts of the planning process.
During the festival itself, the Project Manager is responsible for the
supple running of the festival organisation, cooperating especially with
the Programme Manager and the Technical Producer.

* Expectations

Candidates should be experienced in cultural project management. DEAF has a
complex and heterogeneous structure, which requires the ability to work in
a team and under pressure. Vital are: strong management capabilities, a
good sense of humour, patience and speed, as well as an openness for
critique. Candidates should communicate well and enjoy working with
computers, telephones, and people. Experience with the production of media
(art) projects is important, basic technical knowledge helps a lot, as does
an interest in issues relating to new media culture and media art. A good
working knowledge (written and spoken) of English is essential, Dutch would
be favourable, other languages (esp. German and French) are welcome. The
major part of the work will require presence in the V2_ offices in

* We offer ...

A part-time post for the inital period (February - June 2000), followed by a
full-time post (38,5 hrs/week) for the second half of the year (July -
December 2000). Salary is negotiable and depends on skills and experiences
but will probably be easier to accept for enthusiasts.


Please, send your application with a CV and a statement about your
motivation for the job to: V2_Organisation, Alex Adriaansens,
Eendrachtsstr.10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, fax +31-10-2067271, e-mail
<>. Release date of this advertisement is 11 January 2000, the
deadline for applications is 15 February 2000. As we want to hire somebody
as soon as possible, applications will be considered immediately, so that
you should not wait till the end of the application period but apply as
soon as possible.

For further information about DEAF, check the website, or
contact us at the above address.

V2_Organisation - Alex Adriaansens
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: +31.10.2067272  fax: +31.10.2067271

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