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nettime-nl: do thx!

do invitation.

do is a new and ever-changing brand that depends on what you do.
The do brand started with an idea that every one can get involved in helping make do.
This is your personal invitation to the latest do project.


do wants you to help shape television.

On the 2nd February 2000, the first ever world-wide web conference
about television will take place, at this address:

and it will last for 24 hours, starting at 00:00 European Central Time. will act as a platform to bring together TV experts and TV viewers from all over the world to discuss this ever-changing and controversial medium.

There will be 9 different channels to zap through with your remote control, each covering a different hot topic: from entertainment to the world channel, from news to education, from the future channel to the experimental and fun do channel.

This conference/debate/interactive party already promises the involvement of TV journalists, media scientists, culture jammers, child psychologists, TV critics, soap opera addicts, brand managers, presenters, directors and more. do would like you to join them.

To be a part of the do-tv world-wide debate, you can register now at We will then send you regular do-tv updates, with special events, guest speakers and so on.
Apart from taking place virtually, do-tv will also have a real address, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, also on the 2nd February, where influentials from the world of film and television will log on to the rest of the world.

do tune in.

It's time to react to your television.

do-tv website:
do website:
do e-mail:

Joanna van der Zanden
P.O. box 10007
1001 EA Amsterdam
T: 0031 20 530 10 60
F: 0031 20 530 10 61
M: 0031 6 24119303


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