Martin Sjardijn on 5 Apr 2001 14:30:19 -0000

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[Nettime-nl] Vrijheid van meningsuiting als het hoogste principe

Vrijer, veiliger en betrouwbaarder dan Napstar en Gnutella (hahelslag) lijkt Freenet technologie
nog interessanter als underground network en de vrijheid van meningsuiting.
Free Speech as the Highest Principle
Freenet is built on the conviction that every person in the world has the inaliable right to express his or her opinions without fear of oppression.
For instance, people in totalitarian regimes, or employees of powerful corrupt organisations, may want to blow the whistle on mass abuses of human rights.
In such situations, the traditional Internet protocols - web, email, ftp, chat etc - offer no protection for privacy. People using these protocols can easily find their lives in grave danger.
Therefore, Freenet is built from the ground up to completely disguise the identity of anyone who posts material.
The Freenet community strongly believes that the right to free (and optionally anonymous) expression is the highest truth.
Due to its unique architecture, Freenet usage cannot be policed.
Compare Freenet to a hammer.
A hammer can be used to provide shelter for starving children.
A hammer can also be used to bludgeon people to death.
No one calls for hammers to be banned or modified because of a few violent or careless individuals.
Full responsibility for Freenet usage lies with YOU!
Martin Sjardijn