Paul Wouters on 5 Apr 2001 16:27:31 -0000

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[Nettime-nl] Re: [Hal-tap] Dutch wiretapping specification


Seems like some member of Opta released the Dutch wiretaping specs as
mentioned on on the hal-tap
mailinglist :) I guess my prayers on hal-tap were heard after all :)

For those who didn't get the binary intact, either check it on the's mailinglist page. Apparently it was also posted to
nl.internet.providers, but the group focused more on the horrors of a binary
post then to actually see the content and the meaning of the content (like
being able to comply to a law that becomes effective in less then two weeks.

As far as I know, only requesting the specifications was limited to Opta
members, but distribution is legal. It has to be, it's part of the law
("Telecommunicatiewey"), and surely we have a right to know the law.

Uudecoded files are on but feel free to mirror if
you feel they might motivate me to remove them.

The fuzz about binaries posted to nl.internet.providers makes you wonder who
dwell in that newsgroup. Apparantly, binary posts in non-binary groups is far
worse than a tapping law which you cannot abide to being scheduled for
release in less then two weeks.

Thanks to whoever is responsibly for this :)

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