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[Nettime-nl] UvA Ph.D. Scholarship Digital discussions and political participation

Ph.D. Scholarship
Digital discussions and political participation

Short description
This research project aims to distinguish which features of public
discussions conducted with the aid of Internet-based communication
facilities contribute to an increased political awareness and action on the
part of participants in the discussions. The project also aims to assess
whether and how different forms of communicative exchange, initiated from
'above' and from 'below', create different types, qualities and effects of
political participation.

* MA in communication studies or other relevant study;
* knowledge of and preferably experience with Internet-based discussions;
* knowledge of and preferably experience with research into political
communication processes;
* knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods on content analysis and
user research;
* fluency in Dutch or ability to gain working competence in the language in
a short period of time.

The candidate selected to participate in this research project will be
expected to complete a Ph.D. dissertation within four years. During that
period the selected candidate will receive a stipend of minimally 3700 NLG
(1681 Euro) per month. Additional funds are available for attending
international conferences, special courses and computer facilities. 

Further Information
The research will be supervised by:
Prof.Dr. Kees Brants, <>, phone: +31 20 525 3995
Dr. Nicholas Jankowski, <>, phone: +31 24 361 2372
Persons interested in further information are requested to contact either
of the project supervisors. A more extensive description of the project can
be found on the web site of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research:

How to apply
Applications should contain:
  *A letter of motivation
  *Copies of diplomas (including lists of courses attended and grades
received. If not in English or Dutch,
  please append translations)
  *Copy of the Master thesis

Applications should be sent by May 28, 2001, to: 
Dr. S. Zwier, researchmanager ASCoR,
Oude Hoogstraat 24, 
1012 CE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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