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[Nettime-nl] wandelingen door brussel

Etablissement d'en face projects, Brussels & Piet Zwart Institute, institute
for postgraduate studies and research of the Willem de Kooning Academy,

------ invites you to -------

Walks through Brussels
23 / 01 /03

- Lieven De boeck
departure: 14h00 at Etablissement d'en face projects,
161 rue Antoine Dansaertstraat
B-1000 Brussels
duration:  2 hours (introduction + walk)
number of participants: max. 20 / reservation before: 23/01/03 27/02/03

- Jim Segers and Marie-Eve Cosemans (Citymine(d))
departure: 13u30 at the North Station, Exit rue Aerschotstraat
duration:  4 hours
number of participants: max. 15
reservations before: 24/02/03 22/03/03

- Tristan Wibault
departure: 13h00 at the Central Station
duration: 4 h / number of participants: max.20
reservations before: 17/03/03 05/04/03

- Kobe Matthys (Agency)
departure: Etablissement d'en face projects
161 rue Antoine Dansaertstraat
B-1000 Brussels
duration: 8h (introduction 10h00-12h00; walk 14h00-18h00; data processing
from 20h00)
number of participants: no limitation
requisites: digital camera (photo or video).
reservations : 32 2 219 44 51 /
more info on walks just below.


Within the framework of the research project Legal Space / Public Space and
after the installation of the 'ongoing documentary centre', first stage of
the programme, it is time to take a closer look at the working field itself,
namely the public space in Brussels.
In collaboration with the Piet Zwart Institute, institute for postgraduate
studies and research of the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, we
currently present four walks, each one traced out by a different -
reflective and/or undertaking - actor in the city, and corresponding to his
or her personal involvement and view. By means of this diverse and
subjective approach to the city, the layered identity and heterogeneity of
public spaces becomes unveiled, which can give a way to the research of the
endlessly floating imposition of significations.

23 / 01 : Lieven De boeck

Lieven De Boeck is an architect. From 1994 until 1997 he worked for the
office for architecture "Top office" in Antwerp where he participated, among
others, in the project ' unadapted city'. Since 1997 he works with Xavier de
Geyter Architects.
Besides this, he is a member of Agency, a database website mainly
concentrated on the use of property; and also works as a researcher in the
fine arts department at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht where he
carries out urban research on "public space". The development of the
investigation, presented today at Etablissement d'en face projects, refers
to two main topics: "The movement in public space (the collective
intelligence)" and "The status of the European public space (a non-right

"This walk proposes a deconstruction of Le Corbusier's "promenade
architectural" in Brussels, relating to anecdotic fragments from the
original. Aiming for a confrontation between the modernist "promenade" and
the Baudelairian, the walk will privilege a rectilinear movement through the
city. As the concept of "legal space/ public space" suggests the
construction of the concept of the state, we will walk through some
architectural fragments of Brussels built in different time periods. We will
start from the Belgian revolution in 1830 and end at the recent
'colonization' of Brussels by the European Union. We shall cross different
types of public space, whose relation in this sense would otherwise be
Departure: 14h00 at Etablissement d'en face projects, 161 rue Antoine
Dansaertstraat| B-1000 Brussels Duration:  2 hour (introduction + walk) |
Number of participants: max. 20 | Reservations before: 23/01/03

27 / 02 : Jim Segers and Marie-Eve Cosemans (Citymine(d))
Citymine(d) is an organization, active in Brussels since 1997, whose main
goal is the production and support of social-artistic projects. By means of
punctual interventions, they want to create maximal effects in the city.
On the basis of some examples during the walk, ranging from projects like
"Limite Limite" situated at the North Station to "Bara-ke" at the South
Station, Jim and Marie-Eve of Citymine(d) will expose their point of view
regarding the city of Brussels, as well as elucidate the working of
For more information see also:
Departure: 13u30 at the North Station, Exit rue Aerschotstraat | Duration: 
4 hours | Number of participants: max. 15 | Reservations before: 24/02/03

22 / 03 : Tristan Wibault
Tristan Wibault (1970), qualified in law and development, is an artist. He
considers the artist to be a trivial figure of the worker in the midst of
the joyous over-exploitation. Art as an irreducible manifestation of
autonomy. Creation as a tactic of rewriting the sites of reproduction.
Tristan Wibault is a member of the Universal Embassy.
The scale of harmonies.
Detoured by the regulatory texts and notices of political intention, the
city administers itself like a holistic project: Realising Harmony. From
local and stylistic harmony to global and social harmony. Our walk will be a
crossing, like a cross-section of the urban fabric, of a planned Brussels.
The route and cartography will be confronted in order to come to the
understanding that harmony is a matrix of the enclave.
Departure: 13h00 at the Central Station | Duration: 4 h | Number of
participants: max.20 | Reservations before: 17/03/03

05 / 04 : Kobe Matthys (Agency)
"Agency was started in Frankfurt A.M. by artist Kobe Matthys as a set-up for
a network of collaborations.
Since 1999 Agency has worked on an archive and database with an eye to an
exchange of all ranges of knowledge concerning the uses of property, and
their intentions. The use of property is very limited through its
determining regulations, but the way in which different human beings use one
and the same property gives way to innumerable practices. These practices
are unforeseeable and obey their own logic. On the face of it, different
uses that happen in the same space and/or at the same time do not seem to
differ very much from each other, but upon a closer look, one can discover
different underlying intentions."
In view of the project Legal Space / Public Space the 'property database' of
Agency wants to address the different ways of using city properties. By way
of a series of walks, data is collected for the database. The participants
are divided in small groups, equipped with a digital camera, and choose a
free route in the city. This is a way to find out more about the very
diverse intentions for the use of city properties, and their relationship
with existing prescribed police regulations. Afterwards the findings of the
walks are processed together into the database.
Departure: Etablissement d'en face projects, 161 rue Antoine Dansaertstraat,
B-1000 Brussels | Duration: introduction between 10 a.m. - 12; walk: 14h00 -
18h00; database processing: from 20h00| number of participants: no
limitation | requisites: digital camera (photo or video)

Etablissement d'en face projects
161, rue Antoine Dansaertstraat
1000 Bruxelles-Brussel
Tel. : 32 2 219 44 51
Fax : 32 2 219 56 68

Etablissement d'en face projects is supported by The Ministry of the Flemish
Community, The Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital-Region.

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