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[Nettime-nl] V2_/DEAF03: Subject: Opening DEAF03/The Evening of…

Ad. 1. Opening DEAF03
Ad. 2. The Evening of …

Ad. 1. Opening DEAF03
Dinsdag 25 februari opent de zesde editie van DEAF, het Dutch Electronic 
Art Festival.
‘DEAF03 Data Knitting’ wordt om 19.00 uur officieel geopend door Alex 
Adriaansens, directeur V2_ en door Edwin van Huis, directeur van het NIBG - 
Nationaal Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, waarin het grootste audiovisueel 
archief van Nederland met onder andere 50 jaar Nederlandse televisie is 

Tijd: 19.00 - 21.00 uur, deur open vanaf 18.30 uur.
Locatie: Pakhuis Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66-68 (Kop van Zuid), Rotterdam.
Entree: gratis

Ad. 2. The Evening of …

This part is in English only, because the program will be in English.

26  28 February, 20:00 - 23:00, ARENA @ Pakhuis Las Palmas (first floor), 
Wilhelminakade 66-68 (Kop van Zuid), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Admission: € 10,-
Discount (student, cjp, RotterdamPas, 65+) € 8,-

Three individuals who established a reputation in the field of media art 
have been invited to compile a full evening’s program that showcases their 
personal outlook on DEAF03’s theme. In any way or format they choose, 
varying from lectures to film or video screenings, from concerts to theater 
and performances.

The Evening of Sadie Plant: ‘Sounds Emergent’
Wednesday 26 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

This evening is hosted by Sadie Plant (GB), philosopher, writer and 
theorist. She is one of the pioneers of cyber feminism. Her theme, Sounds 
Emergent will be explored, demonstrated, and performed by two guests, Kaffe 
Matthews (GB) and Brian Duffy (GB), two of Great Britain’s most imaginative 
and exciting sound artists. This will be an evening of technical 
experiment, musical innovation, and far-reaching conversation - an 
imaginative investigation of the processes involved in memory, recording, 
sampling, and chance, and the loops and continuities between bodies and 
machines, structure and improvisation, the virtual and the actual, and data 
in both digital and analogue formats. The night will culminate in a 
performance by Kaffe Matthews, and Brian Duffy with his Modified Toy Orchestra.

The Evening of Siegfried Zielinski: ‘The Three Princes of Serendippo’
Thursday 27 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

Zielinski (D) is the founding and former president and professor of 
Communication Theory and Audiovision, at the Academy of Media Arts 
(Kunsthochschule für Medien), Cologne (D). His guests, media artist David 
Link (D) and musician/composer Jan St. Werner (D), explore serendipity as a 
method, a concept of thinking and constructing the world of art, machines 
and programs. There will be no product, however a ‘Ligurian pasta’ will be 
prepared live for and in front of the audience by ‘chef’ Siegfried 
Zielinski. The evening will be an attempt to create a process, where the 
participants allow themselves to be surprised and to surprise the audience; 
‘enjoy your meal’.

The Evening of Lev Manovich: ‘Metadata, mon amour - Metadating the Image’
Friday 28 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

Manovich (RUS/USA) is an artist, programmer and teacher of new media at the 
Californian University (USA). His guests, historian/media archaeologist 
Wolfgang Ernst (D), journalist/media scientist Stefan Heidenreich (D), 
media artist Andreas Kratky (D), media artist George Legrady (H/CAN/USA) 
and media artist/media scientist Joachim Sauter (D), will combine 
theoretical and historical accounts with the presentation of some of the 
most interesting new media projects which address metadata.

More information on ‘The Evenings of …’ can be found on the festival 
website http://deaf.v2.nl

Tickets and reservation:
On line via http://deaf.v2.nl (Direct Payment procedure only) or by phone 
(from 21 February on) +31 (0)10 750 15 15

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