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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement lecture, demo, discussion series

STEIM happily presents on Monday 15th September 2003 at 20.30h:

	a unique sonic and literary soul...
	fresh from Montreal - the new hotbed of electronic cultural diversity -

	live and alive...
	talking and performing...

		tobias c. van Veen :

[- Hearing Difference: The Seme]- As a writer and political theorist, 
tobias will be discussing the shift in subcultural politics & tactics 
to the advent of “micro.cultures”... Remix that to say: from memes to 

[- Air.Strike]- As an audio and net.artist, tobias will be improvising 
an audio performance thieved from the videogame Counter-Strike, 
juxtaposed with recorded readings of his distopian text, Dreamflesh.

[tobias c. van Veen] is a sound & net.artist, techno-turntablist, and 
writer. He has been enmeshed with musikal resistance culture since 
1993, curating, DJing, performing and provoking via interventions & 
events, sounds & words. Mediums include: “,” “radio-art,” 
“audio-art,” “turntablism” & “tactical surrealism.” Hailing from 
Vancouver, BC, tobias was intricately involved in the West Coast 
anarcho-techno scene with the <ST> Projekt &, curating 
and DJing over one hundred events. >>tobias is Editor and Columnist for 
several arts, music and politics publications including FUSE, e|i, 
Capital, and Discorder. // He has freelanced for The 
Wire, the CBC and Austria Kunstradio. :: His tactical media & 
have surfaced on,,,,,, at the Centre for 
Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, 
Denver. :: Tobias’ recent critical output can be found in the Leonardo 
Music Journal and Bad Subjects, and a DJ set still resides on He is author of the 2003 Canadian Electronic Music 
Directory and is currently writing a book on the politics of sound and 
subcultures as well as organising the tri.phonic improvisational 
tri-media events in Montréal. tobias holds a B.A. in English Honours 
from UBC and is wrapping his M.A. in Communications at McGill. His 
current & past projects as well as his blog can be found at: .

// -- sites:

// -- magazines:

Date: Monday 15th September 2003
Venue: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134
Time: 20.30h
Entrance: Free

The presentation is held in English.

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