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[Nettime-nl] talk/performance steve goodman

Steve Goodman

Sunday January 18 Steve Goodman will do a DJ performance preceded by
a talk on the latest developments in London's music scene.

As an introduction to a great evening in the Melkweg, where for the
first time ever in Amsterdam, The Bug, Roll Deep Crew and Nasty Crew
will perform on January 23, (http:/ Steve Goodman will
speak and perform at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

What does the London underground music scene look like right now?
Steve Goodman will steer us through this small world using soundclips
from dub records and image clips from dvd's.

Later that evening the lights will turn off and his presentation will
turn into two hours of proper djing.

Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9) is a producer/sounddesigner/ pirate DJ
/general purveyor of dubstep and grime. He is also a member of Ccru
(cybernetic culture research unit), he lectures on culture theory, he
writes and he is an editor for and etc.
etc. At this moment he is working on a book on sonic warfare.

Location: Mediamatic, 192 Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam
Starting time: 20.00 hrs
Fee: 5 euro

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