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[Nettime-nl] MediaRuimte_LAb[au]_DECEMBER2004_NEWS




..Lakensestraat 104
..Brussel 1000 Belgium 


..MR.wav 14 


..start: 21:00
..Entrance: 0€

..MediaRuimte, the digital media platform of LAb[au] presents:
..MR.wav 14 _ audiovisual concert featuring
..Discodesafinado [ B ]

..Discodesafinado is constituted of Senjan Jansen ( cowbell, clap ) and
Joris Vermeiren (sounds).
..From 1998 until 2001 they organised in Turnhout [ BE ] the equally
named concert-series 
..confronting minimal techno with experimental electronics. On their own
label Joris Vermeiren 
..released end 2002 his debut 12'', from which 2 tracks were released on
Ricardo Villalobos mix-cd
..Taka Taka'. Senjan is - apart from being dj and musician - active as
sound-designer for film 
..and theatre. Together they merge labtoptechno with analogue
drummachines: "automobile
..electronics exploring the space where classic minimalism, microscopic
sound and 
..exotic audio meet with techno, house, electro and disco (shifty)."

..for all further info: [ ...
<http://www.mediaruimte.be/events/MRwav14_Discodesafinado.htm> > ]

..MR.wav 14 stand as closing event for the 1/3 cycle 

..** the concert will be streamed live on: http://www.som.be


..check online

..Mr.xpo 05 _ Microbytes and Kilobeats review [ ...
<http://www.mediaruimte.be/events/MRxpo05_microbytes-kilobeats.htm> > ] 
..Mr.wav 13 _ review + 18min. live recording _ enjoy [ ...
m> > ]

..february 2005 _ cycle 2/3 

..MediaRuimte 04 / 05

..with the support of: 
..Vlaamse Gemeenschap
..Commissie Architectuur
..en Vormgeving

  <http://www.lab-au.com/newsletter/december2004/images/vgc-logo.gif> .

..MediaRuimte program 2004 / 2005 

..cycle 1 / 3 [ october - december 2004 ] _ to be programmed
....................about programmed and generative motion graphics and

::cycle 2 / 3 [ january - april 2005 ] _ to be structured
....................about inFORMation architecture

..cycle 3 / 3 [ may - july 2005 ] _ to be hacked
....................about computer freaking, creative hacking and its
visual culture

..all info on: http://www.mediaruimte.be





..THOR website _ updates


Reliefs d'un banquet _ Seq1 + Seq2 

..new updates of the official website of the Belgian contemporary dance
company THOR

..the web site has been concieved and realised in 2002 by LAb[au]. 
..The web site has been published in multiple publications and has
received the special 
..prize of the ' Grand Prix International Video Danse' patronage C.I.D /
UNESCO in the category 
..of 'new online technologies' in 2002.

..to read about the website _ check:
..Deep Sites, Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design _
publication [ ... <http://www.lab-au.com/files/doc/siteducreation.htm> >




..Rosario, Argentina
..festival 404 



D.O.T.N.A.N.A. at MediaRuimte _ April04 

..LAb[au] + Wolf K _ Res Publica invited with the audio-visual dance
..for the Argentinian audio visual festival: festival 404 
..[ _ the compagny will be present at the festival ] 


..The performansed dancece D.O.T.N.A.N.A. is an interactive one man
dance performance 
. conceived by the French company ‘Res Publica’ and the Belgian
collaborative agency LAb[au]. 
..The performance is based on the parametric setting of the visual and
sonic interface to construct 
..a choreography in real time, a result of the interaction in between
the dancer on stage and the
..audience. The reductions of the visual and sonic language allow its
correlation to the dancer’s
..movement to reinforce the common play _ inter.action. 

..all info: http://www.404festival.com.ar




..LAb[au] is working on the liquid space 02 book / dvd publication 
..including liquid space 01 / 02 projects + texts by Lev Manovich,
..release 2004 _ preview soon	


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