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[Nettime-nl] Design Research in the Netherlands 2005

19-20 May 2005: Design Research in the Netherlands 2005 Symposium

Following the Design Research in the Netherlands symposia
held in 1995 and 2000, we are happy to announce the third Design
Research in the Netherlands.

Design Research in the Netherlands occurs every five years to take stock
of the state-of-the-art in design research that takes place in all
design disciplines in the Netherlands: architecture, mechanical
engineering, civil engineering, industrial design, fashion design,
graphics design, computer software, education, psychology, business
management, and so forth.

Key questions that the field of design research aims to investigate are:

- What is the nature of design and design problems?
- How can we consistently and methodically describe design processes,
products, teams, individuals, and so forth?
- How can we cognitively model design thinking of individuals and teams?
- How can our research findings be implemented in new design support
methods, tools, and instruments?
- What is our theoretical and methodological framework of design?
- How does our design research connect to design practice?

Within these key questions, we are interested to know what research and
development methodologies you have used to acquire insight in design.
What have you achieved and what are your expectations for the coming
period? If you are active in the Netherlands, we invite you as
researcher or research group to outline your development over the past
five years in position papers in which you address insights, methods,
results, and problems.

Design Research in the Netherlands 2005 is the third instalment,
following two symposia held in 1995 and 2000. In this manner, the
symposium already spans well over a decade of design research
activities. The five-year cycle allows us to take conceptual distance
from everyday problems that are often project-specific, and to assess
how design research is evolving. In the past five years new research
programmes have started, projects have come to a close, novel
technologies and methods have been introduced, and there are also the
organisational dynamics of research groups in their institutions.

Keynote addresses at the conference will be delivered by
Bryan Lawson from Sheffield University and Scott Chase from Strathclyde
University, Glasgow.

Please find more information on the conference on:

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