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[Nettime-nl] *BEYOND PRECAIR: precarious labour/migration/the city* (12.2,a'dam)

From: Merijn <>

Flexmens, Greenpepper Project and SearchWeb present:

*BEYOND PRECAIR: precarious labour/migration/the city*

A critical public forum examining the precarisation of everyday life 
within and beyond the Netherlands – intersecting the changing nature of 
work, precarity and migration, and new strategies for metropolitan 

Issues and themes to be debated include: flexible labour, illegalised 
and informal work, social exclusion, strategies for demanding social 
rights to open citizenship, housing and income and local organisation 
for EuroMayDay 2005.

*Featuring:* Precarias a la Derive (Madrid, Spain), Marizio Lazzarato 
(Italy), the London Particular (London, UK), P2P Fightsharing (Rome, 
Italy) and local groups such as Vrije Ruimte, ….. and more (tbc)

*When:* 12 February 2005 , 14:00 – 19:00

*Where:* Amsterdam, The Netherlands, venue tbc.

Free registration, but email 
<> to confirm attendence.

For more information and updates, see


*Background information: *

[need to add/amend concept info here]

In France, organised spectacle workers (the /intermittents/) have 
ignited widespread public debate about the role of knowledge and culture 
in the reproduction of capital by occupying public spaces and disrupting 
cultural events. In the Spanish state, groups opposed to the recent 
/Forum Universal de las Culturas/ (such as /Assemblea de Resistencies al 
Forum/ 2004) have used the term to oppose the widespread privatisation 
and ‘regeneration’ of urban space in Barcelona. In Italy, radical groups 
(such as the ChainWorkers: have developed 
organised flex / temp / brain / chainworkers around events such as 
EuroMayDay 2004 <>. 
Yet in the Netherlands, this term (precarity) is little known and rarely 
used by those most affected by the worst excesses of neoliberalism.**

* *

*Proposed Structure: *

* *

- introductions and First Assemblies: (1.5 hrs)

- Precarious Work: flexibilisation / immaterial labour/

featuring short films of Intermittents (France) and Milan Mayday 2004 
(Italy) and discussion by Marizio Lazzarato, (30 mins)

* *

- Migration: informal economies / illegalised

featuring short films and discussion by Precarias a la Derive (30mins)

- the City: from gentrification to precarisation - strategies for 
reappropriation (30 mins) featuring short films and discussion by the 
London Particular (UK), Vrije Ruimte (NL), Berlin for Free campaigns and

:::: break (for soup) ::::

Introduction to the Workshops (1.5hrs)

a) organising temps/partimers/flexworkers in the Netherlands – critical 
debate aimed at creating strategies for organising actions for 
Euromayday 2005 in the Netherlands.

b) migration and

c) the question of housing – strategies for organising against the 
privatisation of social housing in the Netherlands

Closing discussion:

::: break for dinner :::

Screening and presentation of the new Precarity DVD-zine by P2P 
Fightsharing (Italy) (I.5 hrs)

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