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[Nettime-nl] information terrorism & artificial intelligence & information terrorism & artificial intelligence information terrorism


opening tentoonstelling DANJA VASSIELEV
donderdag 12 januari   20 u

PLANETART Noorderhagen 11 7511 EJ Enschede

tentoonstelling tm 3 februari
do en vr 14-17 u
en op afspraak 06 55830311

electro!cute: Directing 10 monitors in the hidden recesses lies a synthetic consciousness that learns and adapts from conversations with people, its intent as a simulacrum that mirrors the "collective human mind” and in itself, an interpretation of A.I. Electro!cute responds to human interaction as a growing, inquisitive and sometime potty-mouthed child. Electro!cute learns and remembers all the words ever typed to it, and responds whimsically to people with its new found vocabulary. Not only does electro!cute learn, but it provides insight to how computers preserve us as human beings.

the essence of the redbox is that it is simply yet eloquently, a
hack. In semi-geek speak, it is a proxy server that other
computers use to connect to the internet with. Any computer or
network of computers can be connected to the internet with it.
Because it is at the gateway for said computers, it may be used to
filter web traffic. Depending on requested web addresses and
personal settings, it could be used to change and alter what the
end-user would receive on their web browser. This technique of
digital graffiti could swap out words and images, and has the
potential to change entire meanings of web pages on a mass scale.
Using this tool executing subversive activity also has the
potential to be a very dangerous tool for internet jamming and
information terrorism.

Danja Vassiliev, born 1978, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Studied an Academy of Culture in Saint-Petersburg and private
school ProArte.
At the moment graduating at MediaArt department of AKI.
Participating in private and state exibitions starting from year
In 1999 one of the first works site was awarded as
"best net-art work of the year" at Da-Da-Net art festival in
2000 - Art fair "Art Moscow", robot-clone of Marat Guelman.
2001 - Art fair "Art Moscow", electronic "Suprematizms 1-2-3".
2002 - Media art festival Machinista 2003, Moscow, Perm,
organizing, participation.
2004 - Media art festival Machinista 2004, Glasgow.
In 2005 help found MasterPiece Cleaners artist/design collective,
based in Berlin.


PLANETART organisatie voor de multi-mediakunst
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