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[Nettime-nl] Stifo@Sandberg Conference

UNKNOWN FEATURES - Consequences of new media
November 2
Lloydhotel, Amsterdam

The Sandberg Institute Design and the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund (Stifo) jointly organise the Conference, this year for the sixth time. This conference is an introduction of the Stifo@Sandberg master classes, an intensive course in which documentary filmmakers and new media designers work together to develop a model for an interactive documentary. The conference gives a review about the current state of digital developments, trends and, in particular, the effects of digital media. This year, the Stifo@Sandberg workshop comes up with a special feature: the design of a tool to promote the music industry.

Stifo@Sandberg Conference 2006

We have invited speakers to the Stifo@Sandberg Conference who will address many aspects of the consequences of new media.
They will provide an overview and try to inspire new possibilities and ideas:

09.50		Welcome Mieke Gerritzen (head Sandberg Institute Design)
10.00		Bas Haring (NL) – Professor in Philosophy;
10.55		Monique van Dusseldorp (NL) – European Media Analyst;
11.50		Geert Lovink (NL) – Media theorist;
12.45		Lunch
13.45		Lars Denicke and Peter Thaler – Pictoplasma (DE);
14.40		Han Hoogebrugge (NL) - Designer/Illustrator;
15.00		Fiona Raby (UK) - Designer/Architect;
15.55		Bruce Sterling (USA) - Author, Editor, and Critic;
17.00		Drink

Hosted by Koert van Mensvoort (NL) Artist/Scientist

The Conference takes place on November 2nd at The Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade in Amsterdam (Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam).

Stifo@Sandberg master classes is a project by the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund and Sandberg Institute Design Department. If you like to join the conference, please call 020-5882404 or write an email to design@sandberg.nl (limited seats available)


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