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[Nettime-nl] 21 april: Open house Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam

Willem de Kooning Academy | PIET ZWART INSTITUTE | 
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 to 15:00

The Piet Zwart Institute Master programmes in Fine Art, Media Design and
Retail Design are hosting an Open House at three locations: we invite
you to come visit. The main building of the Willem de Kooning Academy is
open also where you can have a look at our state-of-the-art technical

Piet Zwart Institute Media Design M.A.
- with a beta version of the graduation show 2007

We invite everyone interested in experimental and critical media work,
potential future students, friends and a general arts and media audience
to our open house on Saturday. You will have the opportunity to talk
us,learn more about our study programme and see beta versions of the
graduation projects of our second year M.A. students:

Dominik Bartkowski (France)
Marc de Bruijn (Netherlands)
Andreea Carnu (Romania/USA)
Andrea Fiore (Italy)
Shahee Ilyas (Maledives)
Walter Langelaar (Netherlands)
Nancy Mauro-Flude (Australia)
Audrey Samson (Canada)
Jorrit Sybesma (Netherlands)

Piet Zwart Institute Media Design
Wijnhaven 107, Rotterdam
(around the corner from the Maritiem Museum, metro station Beurs,
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Piet Zwart Institute Fine Art M.A.

The MA Fine Art welcomes potential students and others interested in
finding out more about our study programme to visit our Open House. You
can can see our studios, look at art works by first and second year
students, find out more about our public activities and publications,
and meet with the course leader and current participants.

with work by:
Inger Alfnes (Norway)
Maja Bekan (Serbia)
Jeremie Boyard (France)
Ruth Buchanan (New Zealand)
Deirdre Donoghue (Finland/Ireland)
Egle Budvytyte (Lithuania)
Gunndis Finnbogadottir (Iceland)
Jacqueline Forzelius (Sweden)
Ruth Legg (UK)
Margo Onnes (the Netherlands)
Lieke Snellen (the Netherlands)
Mirjana Stojadinovic (Serbia)
Edward Thomson (Scotland)
Esme Valk (the Netherlands)
Niels Vis (the Netherlands)
Sjoerd Westbroek (the Netherlands)
and others

Piet Zwart Institute Fine Art
Karel Doormanhof 45, Rotterdam
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Piet Zwart Institute Retail Design M.A.
refers you directly to their website: http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/rdma/
marked entry 1b on the WdKA url listed below | scroll down

for more information and locations:
WdKA: http://www.wdka.nl/index.php?mid=WDK_ACTUAL&iid=289&cl=0)

The Piet Zwart Institute is a postgraduate studies and research
programme of the Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam. More
information on our educational and public activities can be found at

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