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[Nettime-nl] outLINE presents: joanneke meester - playground

you are cordially invited to the opening of the solo exhibition

joanneke meester - âplaygroundâ

*opening sunday 10th june  16.00 - 18.00 hrs
introduction by marten jongema*
curator exhibitions stedelijk museum amsterdam

exhibition until 7th july 2007

Joanneke Meester [Purmerend, 1966] studied at the academie of fine arts
and the Sandberg Institute.
Her installations, statues and videos are the result of a study into the
buried violence present in every human being.

The stream of images from near and far reaching us through the media
gives rise to the themes that Joanneke Meester expresses so probingly.
âThis stream of, sometimes horrible, images makes that we become inured
to what we see and tend to accept it, distancing ourselves from it as a
protection. I realise how easy it is to distance ourselves from thingsâ.
In her work Meester researches these borders; the feasibility as well as
the vulnerability of people.

Joanneke Meester is represented by gallery Artspace Witzenhausen. The
second of September they will open the gallery season with an
installation of Meester âNeed Youâ.

NRC handelsblad 2 june 2007 by Lucette ter Borg

article NRC pdf english
article NRC pdf nederlands

the artist is present at the opening.

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dani kang graphic effects, frans van erkel editing
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