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[Nettime-nl] Reminder! 28-30 juni: New Network Theory

Hallo Nettimers, vergeet niet te registreren voor New Network Theory, 28-30 juni, georganiseerd door UvA mediastudies, INC en ASCA.
Hieronder de uitgebreide Engelstalige oproep met inleiding en beknopt programma.
Directe link naar uitgebreid programma: http:// onderdeelID=12&paginaID=75&itemID=197.
Directe link naar registratie: onderdeelID=12&paginaID=73.


Institute of Network Cultures
New Network Theory Conference
location: University of Amsterdam

On June 28-30 2007, the Institute of Network Cultures, Media Studies (University of Amsterdam) and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) will organize the New Network Theory conference.

Due to limited capacity of the venue, we kindly advise you to register shortly, at onderdeelID=12&paginaID=73.

Please find the introduction and program outline below, see http:// for the full program and additional information.

Rethinking Network Theory
In network theory, the object of study has shifted from the virtual community and the space of flows to the smart mob. When the object of study changes, so may the distinctions that dominate, particularly the schism between place-based space and place-less space, both organised and given life by networks. We would like to exploit the potential of writing contemporary network theory that suits and reflects the changes to the objects of study that come to define our understandings of network culture – a post-Castellsian network theory, if you will, that takes technical media seriously. It is time to look for elements that can make up a network theory outside of post-modern cultural studies (which marvelled at the place-less place) and ethnographic social sciences (which reminded us of the ground).

What network culture studies needs is a ‘language of new media,’ perhaps even signage, to speak in terms of Lev Manovich; what it currently has is a science-centered ‘unified network theory,’ to paraphrase the language of Albert-László Barabási. Whilst it may come as no surprise to critical Internet scholars, the notion that networks are not random but have underlying structures remains the key insight for network scientists. Instead of posing new questions, the work that follows from that insight often seeks to confirm that structure and its accompanying patterns, across more and more network- like objects. The question remains which specific contribution critical Internet scholars and practitioners can make to opening up network thought. Such is the purpose of the network theory conference. How must we rethink network culture with a renewed emphasis on technical media and social software?

Thursday 28 June - Public Event
As the now fashionable term 'Web 2.0' suggests, the Web has changed. But what has exactly changed, and do the ideas that came with Web 1.0 - distrtibution, connectivity, flows etc. - still provide us with apt ways of thinking about the Web? How intelligent is a web based 'collective intelligence'?

Morning: Siva Vaidhyanathan, Tiziana Terranova, Wendy Chun
Early Afternoon: Alan Liu, Anna Munster, Rob Stuart
Late afternoon: Warren Sack, Olia Lialina, Florian Cramer

Friday June 29 & Saturday June 30: Conference
Speakers include: Nosh Contractor, Valdis Krebs, Katy Börner, Noortje Marres, Matthew Fuller and many more.
Check for the program and practical information.

Institute of Network Cultures
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