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[Nettime-nl] forum (and event) about money

This Friday (June 22nd), our Worldchat about money will be there (see text below).
Right now, our forum is online. So discuss with us about The Future of Money on http://www.debalie.nl/forum/baliepostarea.jsp?forumid=24457&postareaid=111241
7080: Worldchat: The Future of Money

Friday 22 June, 21:00-01:00

Platform 21

Prinses Irenestraat 19, Amsterdam

Entry: Free


Money has ruled our lives for centuries, and its reign is not in decline. Or is it? Will money continue to dominate our dreams and careers in the future, or can we imagine a world without it? Would that world be a more loving, caring, peaceful place, or would it end in a war of all against all and throw us all back to the Stone Age?

You are invited to join the online and live discussion The Future of Money. Listen to experts and artists from around the world, and share your thoughts with them and us.

Join the Future of Money chat, taking place simultaneously online and live at Platform 21 in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa (Canada), and Wyspa in Warsaw (Poland).

Bring your laptop!


Guests to include:


Anthony White (artist)

Douglas Grobbe (of ABN-AMRO)

Henk van Arkel (of Social Trade Organisation)

Bernard Lietaer (designer of the euro currency)

Karim Benammar (philosopher)

Mukoma Ngugi (Poet)

Doug Henwood (journalist)

Martí Guixé (designer)

Sam Baron ((Department Head Benneton Research Department)

DJ Sjam


Reservations are recommended but not obligatory; email worldchat@balie.nl.

To join the chat session from elsewhere, email worldchat@balie.nl.

Log in at www.debalie.nl/chat to join in.

For more information see www.worldchat7080.com.
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