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[Nettime-nl] [OKNO] .x-med-k. - media ecologies

.x-med-k. Media Ecologies 21-25 April

"[T]here are other things that need doing, and one of these is the 
development of an imaginary of technology, an understanding of its 
poetics and a testing manifestation of those poetics in ways that allow 
us to think and sense through what that technology is." -- Matt Fuller

Following the path laid out in "Towards an Ecology of MediaEcology" 
FoAM, Nadine and OKNO will conclude the .x-med-k. series with a final 
workshop in Saint Erme, France.

In this workshop, the three organisations explore media and media 
technologies as an ecosystem, deeply networked. At an isolated location 
in the Champagne region, participants will gather for a week of 
workshops, reflection and practical sessions around the themes of 
networks, collaborative projects and Tech-Nouveau. The workshop will 
take an 'Open Space' approach, and all participants will be expected to 
take an active role in shaping their activities.

OKNO will bring it's wireless routers to craft a local wireless network 
extended to serve as an artistic medium. FoAM will undertake hands-on 
experiments with simulated biological systems, experiments which will 
be extended along with ad-hoc discussions regarding complexity, 
whole-systems, patterns, biomorphism and biomimetics in physical and 
simulated lifeforms and ecosystems. Participants are also invited to 
contribute to collaborative projects, developed throughout the week, 
guided by Nadine.

All transport, catering and accomodation is organised by .x-med-k.
If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail with a 
brief bio and motivation to <info@xmedk.be>
The .x-med-k.workshops are a collaboration between Nadine, FoAM and 
OKNO, supported by VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds).


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