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[Nettime-nl] invitation to AIVD show (April 19th, The Hague) (Modified by Geert Lovink)


Solo Exhibition by Jill Magid

Crated by Huib Haye van der Werf at Stroom in The Hague and at the 
AIVD, the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands

More on http://www.stroom.nl

Opening April 19th, to June 15th. Book launch in June, date to be 

In 2005 the building and offices of the Algemene Inlichtingen en 
Veiligheids Dienst (AIVD) in Zoetermeer were to be renovated. With this 
renewal the occasion  presented itself to apply the percentage-ruling 
for art in government buildings, meaning that a certain amount of the 
total budget may be spent on an artistic commission.  The AIVD used 
this occasion as a possibility to help to improve and create a positive 
image of their organization in society, or as they stated in the 
description of the artistic commission, ‘to provide the AIVD with a 
human face.’ The commission was granted to Jill Magid (1973 VS, lives 
and works in New York and Amsterdam). Over the last three years 
Jill Magid has conducted numerous interviews with employees of the 
AIVD. These conversations took place in bars and nondescript public 
places. The purpose of these meetings was for Magid to gain personal 
data of the employee and to use this information to locate the face of 
the organization. The results of these conversations are the newly 
produced works in the exhibition at Stroom. Each work in the show 
reveals specific characteristics of the participating AIVD employees  
but never disclose their identities entirely. Delicate details, 
intimacies, and human characteristics are compiled and presented on the 
floor and walls of Stroom.

Jill Magid explores hidden information, being public as a condition for 
existence and intimacy in relation to power, manipulation and 
observation. Intrinsic to the nature of her work as an artist is the 
establishment of a bond with the individuals she chooses as 
her subject-matter. This association often evolves into an intense, 
personal exploration of
herself, her subject, and the organization of which the subject is a 


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