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[Nettime-nl] conferentie te delft over privacy en social network sites

Conference: Privacy in Social Network Sites

Thursday, October 23 & Friday, October 24, 2008
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

The conference will be streamed in video and available on the Internet.

Social Network Sites (SNS) have become the number one websites for  
sharing information, organizing events and getting your ideas out to  
the world. Recently, SNS have been used to support the American  
presidential campaigns and to smuggle photos of the natural disaster  
out of the country of Myanmar. However, the centralized collection,  
processing and dissemination of such as large amount of identity- 
relevant information has lead to increased disclosure of sensitive  
information, identity theft and physical and mental harm. This calls  
for a thorough consideration of why we should restrain access to our  
identity-relevant information and how a concept of ‘privacy’ in Social  
Network Sites could be developed. Keynote speakers are Jeroen van den  
Hoven, Milton Mueller and Ronald Leenes.

The first question to answer is why it’s important to protect the  
information that people willfully post on Social Network Sites. Are  
there moral reasons to constrain the disclosure of this data? Another  
question is how this disclosure of data creates harm for the users of  
Social Network Sites. Which activities can be employed by using  
identity-relevant information found on SNS and what harm do such  
activities create for users? There might be agreement about how  
specific activities harm users, but experts certainly don’t agree on  
how these harmful activities could be minimized. Should we restrict  
the variety of actions people can pursue on the Internet by  
regulations or should we instead rely on self-regulation? This will be  
a central topic of the conference. We will also zoom into the  
different technologies that can be employed to protect the privacy of  
users in Social Network Sites. These Privacy Enhancing Technologies  
(PETs) provide various ways of data protection for the users. To what  
extent can these technologies be applied to the everconnected world of  
Social Network Sites?

This conference will deal with a wide range of topics that relate to  
Social Network Sites, varying from moral reasons to protect privacy to  
concrete ways to protect users’ privacy.

Keynote speakers

     * Jeroen van den Hoven, Delft University of Technology,  
scientific director of the 3TU Centre for Ethics and Technology
     * Milton Mueller, Director of the Telecommunications Network  
Management Program at the Syracuse University School of Information  

Preliminary program

A more detailed preliminary program can be downloaded here (updated 12  

Thursday, October 23, 2008
12:30	Opening of the Conference & Award ceremony for Mekelprize
	Prof. dr. ir. Jacob Fokkema, Rector Magnificus, TU Delft
13:00	Privacy in Social Network Sites
	David Riphagen, independent researcher at EPIC
14:00	Informational Wrongdoings & Moral Reasons to Protect  
Informational Privacy
	Prof. dr. Jeroen van den Hoven, scientific director of 3TU.Ethics
15:00	Closure of the first day by Jeroen van den Hoven.

Friday, October 24, 2008
8:45	Opening of the second day by Prof. Milton Mueller PhD.
9:00	Privacy in Social Network Sites as Information Market Failure
	Brian Holland, Assistant professor Penn State Dickinson School of Law
11:00	Protecting privacy in Social Network Sites versus a deregulated  
	Prof. Milton Mueller, director Telecommunications Network Management  
Program, Syracuse University School of Information Studies
Assistant Professor Natali Helberger PhD, University of Amsterdam,
former managing legal partner to INDICARE and researcher of privacy
and other user issues in the context of User Created Content and Social
Network Sites.
14:00	Privacy-enhancing techniques for Social Network Sites
  	Scott Cunningham, Assistant professor Policy Analysis, TU Delft
Aad Koppenhol, Principal IT Architect Sun Microsystems
Justine Pardoen or Remco Pijpers, Stichting Mijn Kind Online
Noemi Manders-Huits, PhD ‘Ethics of Identity Management’, Delft
University of Technology
Discussion leader: Jeroen van den Hoven
16:00	Keynote: Understanding Privacy in Social Network Sites
  	Dr. Ronald Leenes, Associate Professor Tilburg University’s Tilburg
Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT)
18:00	Reception
19:00	Closing of the second day by Dr. ir. Jan van den Berg, Associate
Professor Information and Communication Technology, Delft
University of Technology
Registration and accommodation

The registration form is now available.
Yes, I want to register for the Privacy in Social Network Site  
conference. Registration is free.

     * The conference starts on Thursday, October 23, noon (final  
     * The conference ends Friday, October 24, 18:30.
     * Attendants are requested to arrange accommodation themselves.  
Please note that Delft is a popular tourist destination. You are  
advised to arrange your accommodation well in advance. List of  
recommended hotels.

Please take this into account when planning your travels.

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, room Alpha.
Delft University of Technology.
Jaffalaan 5, Delft, The Netherlands. 
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