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[Nettime-nl] Retraction! Cancelled: previous informations about MS Stubnitz

In regards to my statements towards the current predicament of the MS Stubnitz I have the following retraction.

The statements made in the previous outing were mine and mine alone. In a fit of rage, disappointment and stress about the first canceled weekend and the cancellation of the live programming this Thursday, in which I am personally involved, I made a statement and some accusations about facts that were grossly misinterpreted by me to say the least.

In the last months Noordwaarts, the Port of Amsterdam, the Stadsdeel Noord and the City of Amsterdam have been putting a lot of time and attention for finding a solution to allow events on the Stubnitz at the NDSM terrein. Stubnitz has a five years agreement with Amsterdam Noord about providing public events at the werf oost until 2011. Due to the incompatibility of antiterror regulations for commercial shipping in Noord-Holland with public events, in the case of Stubnitz it became to be a difficult administrational task for providing the contracted location to Stubnitz for its activities.
My apologies for waisting every bodies time with incorrect information by my impulsiveness and using this platform in doing so.

For the ones being interested in a more detailed view on to the situation of the listed monument and cultural location, a follow up will be provided for [Nettime-nl] soon.

My sincere apologies.
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