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[Nettime-nl] reminder vanavond lancering Open #20 @ de Balie

komt allen!

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Monday February 14, 2011
Time: 08:30 PM
Location: de Balie  (Salon) , Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam
Entrance: 5 Euro
Tickets available at the door or order in advance
Language: English
A coproduction of SKOR | Foundation Art and Public Domain and De Balie.

On February 14, the American sociologist and researcher Stephen
Duncombe will give a lecture in De Balie in Amsterdam to mark the
publication of Open 20, titled The Populist Imagination. On the Role
of Myth, Storytelling and Imaginary in Politics. His presentation
explores the possibilities of a new democratic imaginary. Duncombe
advocates a dreampolitik that could serve as a counterweight to the
nostalgic fantasies that are currently being promoted by right-wing
populist movements.

Stephen Duncombe is a professor at the Gallatin School, New York
University, where he teaches the history and politics of media.

As a political activist he writes about the intersection between
culture and politics. His published works include Dream: Re-imagining
Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy (2006). Duncombe is
co-director of the College of Tactical Culture and of the School for
Creative Activism in New York.
Article by Stephen Duncombe for Open 20

This lecture is a prelude to the one-day symposium on Friday March 18,
which deals with the roles played by imagination, storytelling and
myth creation in politics today. Among the theoreticians, artists and
graphic designers who will participate in this symposium are Rudi
Laermans, Merijn Oudenampsen, Sarah Farris, Oliver Marchart, Aukje van
Rooden, Steve Lambert and John Kraniaukas.

About Open 20
Open Cahier on Art and the Public Domain is iniated by SKOR |
Foundation for Art and Public Domain and published in partnership with
NAi Publishers. Open 20 was guest-edited by Merijn Oudenampsen and
deals with imagination and myths in politics, in populism and beyond.

‘All power to the imagination!’, is a popular slogan identified with
the 1968-generation. Now, right-wing populist movements such as the
Italian Northern League Party (Lega Nord), the American Tea Party
movement, the Dutch Party For Freedom (PVV, led by Geert Wilders) and
many others are storming the political stage in Europe and the United
States. These groups are using the political imagination to sharpen
and fix identities, to appeal to an imaginary past, and to cultivate
Introduction by Merijn Oudenampsen for Open 20.

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