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[Nettime-nl] Definitions of skepsis & cynical[Webster]

skepÂtic \Ëskep-tik\
1 : an adherent or advocate ofskepticism
2 : a person disposed to skepticismespecially regarding religion orreligious principles
Skeptics have pointed out flaws in the researchers' methods.
You can believe in ghosts if youlike, but I'm still a skeptic.
He is a skeptic and a cynic.
Origin: Latin or Greek; Latinscepticus, from Greek skeptikos,from skeptikos thoughtful, fromskeptesthai to look, consider âmore at spy.
First use: 1587
Synonyms: disbeliever, doubter,doubting Thomas, questioner,unbeliever
cynÂiÂcal \Ësi-ni-kÉl\
1 : captious, peevish
2 : having or showing the attitude ortemper of a cynic: as
a : contemptuously distrustful ofhuman nature and motives <thosecynical men who say that democracycannot be honest and efficient â F. D. Roosevelt> b : based on or reflecting a beliefthat human conduct is motivatedprimarily by self-interest <a cynicalploy to cheat customers>
cynÂiÂcalÂly \-k(É-)lÄ\ adverb
Cynical people say there is nosuch thing as true love.
People are so cynical nowadays.
She's become more cynical in her old age.
First use: 1542
Synonyms: misanthropic,pessimistic
Antonyms: uncynical
Synonym discussion: cynicalmisanthropic pessimistic meandeeply distrustful. cynical implieshaving a sneering disbelief insincerity or integrity <cynical aboutpoliticians' motives>. misanthropicsuggests a rooted distrust anddislike of human beings and theirsociety <a solitary and misanthropicartist>. pessimistic implies having agloomy, distrustful view of life<pessimistic about the future>.

To be used as a ground for further discussions about it

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