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[Nettime-nl] Vacature lector Cultural Diversity, Hogeschool Rotterdam

Job offer
Applied Research Professor (“lector”) Cultural Diversity
Creating 010, Rotterdam University, The Netherlands
0.6 FTE/3 days per week

/ Candidate profile

The professor will conduct practice-oriented research on cultural
diversity and its impact on international arts and creative work.

The notion of ‘cultural diversity’ is positioned in between aesthetic
strategies, political action and socio-economic development. In each
of these, it has undergone different developments and obtained
different meanings. ‘Cultural diversity’ has consequently become a
somewhat vague term while remaining an urgent issue. It is closely
linked to the diversity of populations in neoliberal economies, the
transformation of big cities through labor migration and shifting
demographics, issues of employment and - in the particular context of
Creating 010 - the role of creative workers and the status of the
arts: contestation of the Western canon, shifts of contemporary visual
art towards transnational visual cultures, hybridisation of artistic
practice, the role of globalized creative industries/economies.

All these developments have far-reaching consequences for artistic
practice and professions. The applied research professor will conduct
practice-oriented research on this subject, and initiate projects in
collaboration with students, tutors and external parties. S/he will
also be available as an advisor for curricular reforms at the school,
the municipality of Rotterdam, non-profits and commercial parties.

The professor
- is an expert in contemporary cultural, postcolonial and migration studies;
- is professionally involved in cutting edge developments of
contemporary art and creative labour in their relation to migration
and globalisation;
- has practical experience in (interdisciplinary) projects with
artists and/or designers;
- is skilled in translating theory into practice;
- is skilled in communicating issues and solutions to diverse
audiences and different research and work disciplines;
- is socially engaged;
- has obtained (or will soon obtain) a Ph.D. degree, or has an
equivalent research portfolio.

/ Rotterdam University (Hogeschool Rotterdam)

Rotterdam University, a university of applied sciences, is an
institute of higher education based in and focused on the Rotterdam
region in the Netherlands. Our objectives are: excellence in
education, research and development for the region, higher
qualifications and social opportunity for more people, and the
facilitation of life-long learning. With its eleven schools and six
research centers, Rotterdam University is dedicated to meeting these
objectives (see

The professor will work in the research center Creating 010.

/ Creating 010

Creating 010 is a center for practice-oriented research on - and in
support of - artists, designers and media/IT specialists in the
Rotterdam region. It focuses on innovative practices and developments
in the creative sector, such as in new media and information
technology, visual culture, community arts, social design and service

Creating 010 is closely affiliated to the Willem de Kooning Academy
including Piet Zwart Institute, and the Institute for Media and
Information Technology of Rotterdam University. We research
contemporary transformations of creative professions (rather than
traditional structures of arts, design and technology) and foster new
networks between artists/designers and partners from other work and
knowledge disciplines.

Creating 010's projects are focused on the Rotterdam region, but its
network and research is strongly international.

/ Our offer

Rotterdam University offers a work contract for the period of one year
(D4 cao-hbo). On the basis of the professor's research programme, the
work contract may be extended for another period of two or three
years. The maximum overall work period of an applied research
professor ("lector") is four years. Applied research professors fall
into the university's job group 'education and research'. The salary
will be on Dutch public service tariff (“schaal”) no. 15 which amounts
to a gross income of 4,484-6,259 Euro for a full time position, plus
8% holiday bonus and 8.3% end-of-the-year bonus. Furthermore, we offer
excellent training opportunities and an attractive pension plan.

/ Information

If you have more questions, please contact Florian Cramer, director of
Creating 010, phone number +31-10-794 47 25, E-Mail:

Please send your application (motivation letter, CV and publication
list) to creating010@hr.nl by 20th October, 2012

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