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nettime-nl: East Timor

Another fall-out from the "realpolitik": East Timor. The same
pattern: the U.S. guided by Kissinger or somebody from his
"school" (Eagleburger, Scowcroft, Baker, Vance, Holbroke...) lets a
local strongman oppress his people and his neighbours
unchecked. Then the strongman grows old, or dies, or gets weaker
by the turn of global markets, and the chaos sets in. The new
interactive electronic media brings that chaos painfully close to
everybody and suddenly those who thought of themselves as the
world's moral authority are embarassed into having created the
worst of all possible world for millions around the globe:

Chile, South America in general
East Timor and the rest of Indonesia
Congo and Central Africa in general
Yugoslavia or what was of it
and I am sure I missed something, but it will reveal itself sooner
than later....

Check this out: East Timorese have their cyberhome in Ireland -
and it is invided by Indonesian hackers!


ps - there is highly interesting development in Venezuela - the
LARGEST exporter of oil to the U.S. raised the price of its oil from
$7 to $17 in the past six months bringing its oil price in sync with
the world markets under the new political leadership. Venezuela
also held meetings with Mexican and Saudi oil ministers (2nd and
3rd largest oil exporters to the U.S.). This is a serious threat for
American way of life, so, I guess, we should expect Venezuela
engulfed in some sort of the civil war soon.

Please, check:

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