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nettime-nl: live webcast en chats met kunstenaars rond de wereld

De Gate Foundation Amsterdam nodigt een ieder uit deel te nemen:


Join chat with artists from different continents.
Starting wednesday september 15th 4.30 PM

On(e)Line is an internet project that will stimulate visibility, dialogue 
and discussions among six artcentres from Zimbabwe, South Africa, 
Indonesia, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. The 
participating centres are independent art institutes or artists 
initiatives, that are closely involved in the region and add considerable 
contributions to the discussions and developments in international 
contemporary visual art. 

Participants to On(e)Line:
Gate Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Margret Wibmer, Ademir 
Arapovic, Debra Solomon
Delta Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe: Berry Bickle, Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Luis 
Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Heri Dono, Bintang 
Hanggono, Pius Sigit Kuncoro
Public Eye, Cape Town, South Africa: Minette Vari Robin Rhoda, Zayd Minty
Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica: Manuel 
Zumbado, Karla Solano, Priscilla Monge, Cecilia Paredes
InIVA, London, the United Kingdom

On(e)Line is structured in three layers:

Virtual Presentation from 15 till 29 September
On(e)Line is a virtual presentation of digitised images on the Net, to be 
seen and visited at the Gate Foundation on internet and projected on the 
walls of the exhibition space.
Website address: 
Works of the selected artists by the participating institutions will be 
shown at the Gate Foundation via the Internet. Each institute has made an 
installation with stills of video works and computer works of the 
artists. Visitors can see the different images, brows or zap from one 
slideshow to the other.

Cultural exchange and dialogues from 15 till 18 September
15 September 5pm -7pm: Gate Foundation - InIVA
16 September 5pm - 7pm: Public Eye - Delta Gallery
17 September 2pm - 4pm: Cemeti Art Foundation
18 September 6pm - 8pm: Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo
Web castings will take place in which one of the international centres 
will occupy a central position. 

Video Conference 19 September from 4pm to 7pm
The Conference will take place from 4pm to 7pm with each of the centres 
in this project.
During the Conference guests will be invited to take part via a 
chat-application to give their reactions. The participating institutes 
from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom 
are connected via real audio with the Amsterdam location. They are 
virtual present via the Net and participate in the Conference with text, 
sound and image.

The virtueal conference is webcasted by The digital City Amsterdam on one 
of their live channels (

Background information

On(e)Line: On One Line

In recent years attempts are made within the art world to seriously open 
up towards other cultures; to not focus on a centre whether historically 
or geographically grown or just put forward by groups in power.
One of the reasons for this sudden interest could be the rise of  a 
'global village', in which ideological contradictions weaken and 
communication techniques as the Internet are the new tools for the 
exchanges of knowledge and thoughts and images. This global and 
international development is remarkable and will play an important role 
also in the next millennium.
But despite all profiling of the new media and of the flexnetwork of a 
global culture, many in and around the world of art seem to focus on the 
already existing in stead of looking for the new.
This is the the idea of the 'home' and the return to the region and the 
local. The arts as a place to safeguard authenticity and the local, the 
arts as a way of expression of concrete and local experiences.

The global and the international are not opposed to the local or the 
regional, there is no confrontation. It is just that the one cannot exist 
without the other.
It is better to measure these terms with their own values. This will make 
way for development and will result in a higher level in the end.
Both in Europe and in North America their is a lack of knowledge of the 
history of art from different countries of Latin America, Africa and 
Asia. On the other hand in these continents their is a lack of up to date 
information on contemporary western art. Exchange of knowledge is essential.
Some works of art from non-western countries get their meanings from a 
deliberate local setting or from a definite regional situation. This is 
not contradictory to globalising or regionalising in art. Even the most 
pure local representation is a part of internationalism.

In On(e)Line the Gate Foundation wants to give artists from different 
parts of the world the opportunity to speak about their search for a 
place in their connection to the region within the contemporary global 
structure. The participating  institutes and artists will give 
information about  their experiences with multimedia works of art.
Exchange of information is important and the distribution of this 
information is essential for a broad cultural forum. Support for this 
exchange, for the dialogue and the making of networks via the Internet is 
of vital importance.

The project On(e)Line wants to make a start with different institutions 
and artists, to bring them in contact with each other, so that in this 
way a more balanced form can be developed in which contemporary art from 
different areas can be assessed adequately and professionally in its 
proper context. 

Please contact the Gate Foundation for more information: Ilse Chin tel 
020-6208057 / fax 020-6390762 

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