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[Nettime-ro] artphoto at wayleave


artphoto is invited to be part of:

3 March - 3 April 2005
curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Cecilia Casorati and Silvia La Padula
coordinated by Beatrice Guiotto
exhibition site: Magazzini Generali di Rome - Istituto Superiore Antincendi

"Wayleave" exhibition will feature contemporary art and architecture magazines published throughout the world. 
The exhibition, conceived as a research observatory into the changes in the concept of information in the era of globalization, intends to:
- draw attention to the fundamental role of magazines, not only from informative and critical analysis points of view, but also as actual forms of creativity
- create a physical reality through the display of the magazines of the mediatic concept of information
- amplify the diffusion of the magazines, also through a research programme in collaboration with the University of Rome and the Directorate for Contemporary Architecture and Art (DARC).

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