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[Nettime-ro] Babel Project Bucharest


The N3krozoft media collective has the pleasure to invite you to the BABEL PROJECT, a workshop which is going to take place in Bucharest from 30th of may to 2nd of june, in the frame of the Bucharest Biennale 2006.

This workshop, which will be held during four days, represents the first implementation of the Babel Project, a multi-disciplinary research program focussed on emotional representation of the cityscape and subsequent narrative threads, such as the dynamics of urban legends, techniques of espionnage or subterranean architecture. 

The participants will experiment with various methods ranging from storytelling to electronic imagery and mapping, in order to establish a tactical psychogeographic map of Bucharest. The collaborative outcome of the workshop will be presented to the public in the form of an audio-visual performance. 


The workshop is open to everyone and free of charge. No specific technical skills are required. 

Participants are asked to fill out the registration form that can be downloaded at . It can be sent back to the e-mail adress or brought to the opening conference held on May 29, 19:00, at TestPoint (Str. 11 Iunie nr. 50, Bucharest).

The workshop team consists in Deirdre Foster (story-teller & actress), Boris Kish (psychogeographer) and Manuel Schmalstieg (digital artist).

The workshop will be documented on the n3krozoft website.
direct access:


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