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[Nettime-ro] helen ganly -invisible cities-carturesti-22 mai

Arts Council of England exhibition Invisible Cities-Helen Ganly
libraria Carturesti-22 mai,ora 18

*Helen Ganly, an artist from Oxford, funded by the Arts Council of England,
is bringing her exhibition "Invisible Cities " to Romania. It will open at
Carturesti on 22 May at 6pm. The theme is loosely taken from the book by
Italo Calvino. It is a development of an idea that began in an exhibition in
Przemysl, Poland, was then shown in Oxford and now comes to Bucharest to add
this city to the group of cities that have inspired her. *

*She is to give a talk about her work at Caturesti on 29 May and a seminar
to artists at Galeria Grigore Mora and a day's workshop at the British

*Helen Ganly, taught at the Ruskin School of Drawing, University of Oxford,
and was the first Artist-in-Residence at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. She
has exhibited in solo and mixed shows in England and in Europe where she has
also initiated community projects and worked with homeless people. Her work
has been the subject of two television documentaries. She has worked with
artists in France, Spain, Germany and Poland and has been invited to work in
India next year. She welcomes this opportunity for finding ways to
collaborate with Romanian artists. *

*The Arts council of England exhibition opening to be held at the bookshop,
Carturesti, Boulevard Margheru on 22 May at 6pm. *

*It is "Invisible Cities" by Helen Ganly and she will also give a talk at
Carturesti on 29 May at 6pm.*

*Arts Council of England exhibition*

*This exhibition is organised jointly by Carturesti and Galeria Grigore Mora
and is*

*part of a drive to develop relationships and collaborations between artists
from England and Romania. While in Bucharest Helen Ganly will look for ways
to contribute to the programme of "I Love Bucharest" created by Galeria
Grigore Mora and which will be shown at their gallery in June and at
Carturesti in November. *

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