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[Nettime-ro] Takeaway Festival 2 Dana Centre, Science Museum May 9-11 2007

Takeaway Festival 2 Dana Centre, Science Museum May 9-11 2007

The three day extravaganza of talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions returns for the 2nd time to the Dana Centre in London.
Workshops: Arduino, Processing, Blogging, HIVE networking, Drupal, Critical Practice, Little Sound DJ
Book your place on a workshop via the Dana Centre’s website http:// www.danacentre.org.uk

The silent revolution goes on! Technology continues to quietly transform creative possibilities, social structures, communication networks and business opportunities.

This time the festival will have more participation from undergraduates from degree courses across the country and we are showcasing their work in the Dana Centre exhibition spaces. This work is ground breaking and original, and finds interesting solutions for old problems and demonstrates new relationships between technology and other media.

The Takeaway Festival tries to identify the changing interfaces between technology and practice. It celebrates a D-I-Y praxis that is infusing the creative landscape and challenging the status quo of top down software and proprietary licensing.


Takeaway Festival 2 is supported by the Arts Council of England, Thames Valley University and the Dana Centre_______________________________________________
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