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gabriel baldovin:

>Sa stiti ca nici eu nu stiu cine sunt. Mai caut...

tu ai spus: occidentul este mai avansat pt. ca iti ofera posibilitati infinite.

dar stii - ce filozofia democratica incearca sa-ti explice in 1111111111111 books
1 fata iti clarifica in 5min.

>Dar daca nu sunt "cineva" asta nu inseamna ca
>argumentele folosite de mine nu ar fi neaparat nimic

tu ai spus: superior. superior. superior!!! cineva/ceva trebuie sa fie superior.
nu se poate ca taranul, nici romanul sa fie egal cu cetateanul occidental.

>Mai caut...

1x clue - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076446/

>De aceea va propun sa trecem peste partea cu fabulos CV >si sa vedem cum sta treaba la rece, la nivel de argumente.

lasa BRE argumentele + democratia si imbratiseaza 1001 nights

>În afara conceptului nu suntem mare lucru.

there, thrice upon a time lived a peasant. and a philosopher and a street sweeper.

the philosopher to the street sweeper thus said:

`i pity you, for yours a hard and unsanitary task is`

and the street weeper thuss spoke:

`thank you sir. but tell me, what is it, your task?`

`i study man's mind, his deeds and his desires`

the street sweeper continued his weep weep and sssweep with a smile:
`i also, pity you`

whilst the philosopher's wit dangled in the dusty labyrinth of reality, the peasant, glancing back at life, spoke thus:

`he who longs the most lives the longest.
dig anywhere in the earth and you shall find a treasure.
only you must dig with the faith of a lover`

sweep sweep sweep

the story, rather sleepy now, curled its tail around itself, and dreamy, whispered to the other worlds:
`there are but two elements: love and truth ... and youth`


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