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[Nettime-ro] Vernisaj Luni 7 mai ora 19 la H'art - Jakub Hosek

h ‘ a r t   g a l l e r y  &   I n s t i t u t u l   C e h   B u c u r e s t i


    Jakub Hosek




    v e r n i s a j   luni  7 mai  19.00

    o p e n i n g   Monday 7th of May 19.00

    H’a r t   G a l l e r y

    7 mai – 1 iunie 2007

    7th of May– 1st of June 2007


    In lucrarile lui Jakub Hošek se simt atat influente contemporane cat si istorice. Picturile sunt realizate in acrilic aplicat cu ajutorul sablonului de stencil pe panza si au fost descrise ca fiind ilustrative, narative, avand forta de a spune o intreaga poveste de banda desenata intr-un singur cadru. Spiritul post-teenage Pop ii confera aceasta combinatie intre naivitatea voita a elementelor de banda desenata si tehnica foarte precisa si sigura. Textele din lurarile lui sunt preluate din muzica punk-rock pe care o asculta.


    Jakub Hošek draws upon a wide range of influences and inspiration, both contemporary and historical, when constructing his paintings. Made using acrylic paint, applied meticulously onto canvas using hand cut stencils of masking tape, Hošek’s paintings have been described as being illustrative, appearing to describe a complex narrative in a single comic-strip-like frame. It is precisely this spirit of post-teenage Pop which informs Hošek’s strongly colored and, through its collage-like comic elements, deliberately naïve painting – stylish, cool, and technically perfect. The texts incorporated within his paintings are drawn from the predominantly contemporary post and punk-rock music that he listens to.



    H’art Gallery

    Str. Mihai Eminescu nr 105-107, Bucuresti

    tel: 2108351

    fax: 2108302



    Luni-Sambata 14.00 – 18.00

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