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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: Propunere de parteneriat in Cultura: Museum Guggenheim Bilbao

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From: PCC_Romania <>
Date: Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 3:26 PM
Subject: Propunere de parteneriat in Cultura: Museum Guggenheim Bilbao

   Stimati operatori culturali,

Primiti in continuare o oferta / solicitare de parteneriat pentru un proiect
pe care Muzeul Guggenheim din Bilbao (Spania) intentioneaza sa-l depuna spre
finantare in cadrul Programului Cultura (termen limita de depunere: 1
octombrie 2009).

Punctul de Contact Cultural al Romaniei ,

Centrul de Consultanta pentru Programe Culturale Europene

str. Barbu Delavrancea 57, sector 1, Bucuresti, 011353

Tel / fax: 021 316 60 60; 021 316 60 61



Dear Sir/Madam,

The Museum Guggenheim-Bilbao is looking for European partners for a project
to be submitted under the Culture Programme, Strand 1.2.1 (deadline: 1st
October 2009).

* *

The project’s main aim is to ensure Modern Outdoor Sculpture long term
preservation-conservation, protection and appreciation.

For this purpose, the project foresees the establishment of a network of
professionals and cultural organisations committed to contemporary sculpture
(museums, collectors, artists, patrons, architects, engineers,
conservator-restorers, curators, art historians, critics, educators…)

This collaborative effort will enhance the promotion of good practices and
knowledge exchange between professionals while stimulating a
multidisciplinary collaboration. Free access to scientific information will
be strongly endorsed.

The project also envisages actions aimed at enhancing audience engagement to
increase public’s appreciation of contemporary sculpture and conservation as
it being a core issue in long-term preservation.

Potential partners for the project include any organisation, institution or
municipality with an interest in and commitment to the field of Modern
Sculpture conservation-restoration, preservation and promotion.

Yours sincerely

Arantza García

*Dpto. de Conservación *

*Museo Guggenheim BILBAO *

Tel:  + 3 4. 9 4. 4 0 3 9 1 2 6 / Fax: + 3 4. 9 4. 4 3 5 9 0 6 1

*e-mail: a g a r c i a @ g u g g e n h e i m - b i l b a o . e *
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