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[Nettime-ro] Palais-Royal OpenAir 2010

Palais-Royal OpenAir 2010 The Palais-Royal *OpenAir* project was triggered
by a desire to encourage young European artists by offering them a creative
residency in a motivating and prestigious site in the heart of Paris.

Designed to promote and enhance the value of contemporary artistic work,
Palais-Royal *OpenAir* welcomes young creators-in-residence and places
exhibition space at their disposal to make their artistic approach more
visible to a broad public.

The first edition, organized by a partnership with foreign cultural
institutions, will open in 2010 in the premises of the Peterâs Friends
gallery. The call for candidatures will be made throughout the year in order
to allow young talents from different cultures and horizons to produce and
diffuse their projects.

Conditions of Participation
Both emerging and confirmed professional artists from the European countries
selected for the 2010 edition are invited to propose their projects.
Candidates must be under 40 years of age and must work in the field of the
plastic arts (painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography, etc.).
Students may apply on condition that they are in their final year of arts

Nature of the Project
Palais-Royal *OpenAir* is a competition which offers the winner the
opportunity of a residency and a personal exhibition at the Peterâs Friends
gallery. The exhibition is intended to be the starting point of the
residency. The artists are required to present a project that they have
conceived specifically for the occasion or, if applicable, their recent
works, on condition that these constitute a pertinent and coherent project
as a whole. During the residency, the artists are also encouraged to develop
a creative project relating to their artistic research. The theme is free.
In both cases, the works must take the constraints imposed by the gallery's
layout into consideration.
The works exhibited will be offered for sale (the Peter's Friends gallery
will take a commission). Works conceived during the residency may be
presented in association with partners from the artistâs country of origin.

Geographic Zone
European geographical criteria will be applied to each edition of PalaisâRoyal
*OpenAir*. One artist per country will be present for a specific residency
term in order to allow diversity of expression.

The artists will be selected following examination of their folders by the
PalaisâRoyal *OpenAir* selection committee. Each country will have a
selection committee comprising representatives of cultural institutions and
of the gallery, as well as cultural professionals. In certain cases, the
artists may be designated directly. Applications will be examined monthly
and the results communicated at least one month prior to the start of each
residency. The winners will be informed of the results by publication on the
PalaisâRoyal *OpenAir* website as well as by e-mail.

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