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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Blink! exhibition of limited edition photographs at Waves

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Subject: Blink! exhibition of limited edition photographs at Waves

Sagar Shinde displays photographic images gathered within the state of Maharashtra over the past three years. Primarily a canvas artist, Sagar has been developing his rapport with the camera since 2002.
âI am very used to the frame now,â he says, âI intuitively see it when itâs there and all that needs to be done then, is to capture the moment.â
Photographs also deserve the pedestal of art like canvases have, Sagar opines. The skill, or rather art lies in the ability to seize the brief moment where the frame comes alive. Through photography he builds a realization of how momentary reality in fact is. Therein lies the value of photography for the debutant.
âI seek a configuration of colours, there is no such subject-object divide in my vision when I click the eye of my camera.â
As the intrinsic aesthetics of Maharashtra were captured, Sagar confesses that some shots required him to take risks without which any true photographic adventure is incomplete.
With some exotic travel imagery from Baramati, Srirampur, Pune, Rajgurunagar among others, the year begins on an âeye-openingâ note! 
What otherwise would have been lost with the blink of one's eye, now rests a while for your viewing pleasure. 
- Tanushree Biswas
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