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[oldboys] networking - knot working - not working?

dear all,

as you have probably seen on our preliminary program, the first part of our conference will be about the theme of networking. the idea is not just to discuss the idea of networking in general but also reflect upon obn's past, present and future.

we, the organizers of the conference, helene, claudia, verena and myself, started to think about a possible structure for this 3hours section.

1. there will be no conference situation with a panel and audience but a kind of round table situation or chairs in a wide circle. this should indicate that it is not just up to us to talk, but in the same way to all participants.

2. this section has a declared goal.
the goal is to transfer the structure of obn, which means to finally abolish the former core-group and motivate new people to join obn, not just in the sense of using obn as a comfortable platform to present work, but also to help building a new structure, to become part of the structure.

the section will be opened by an introduction where claudia, helene, verena and myself give short insights in the history of obn from our personal perspectives which should help to identify and explain the present status of obn. we try to make an analysis of what has happened so far, of our failures and successes.

at this point we ask everybody to contribute their perspective of obn. what do and did you perceive from obn? what was our appearance? why are you interested in obn? what is your critique? what are your ideas and contributions to improve and strenghten the network?

4. outlook
then we would like to take a closer look to other networks, to the dynamcis of networking in general, the idea behind building independent structures, the requirements to do it. contributions from experienced networkers are more most welcome!

5. future
what will be the future of obn? 
who is willing to take any responsibilities? 
who sees what potential in a cyberfeminist network?
how open or closed do we want obn to be?
what is desired?
what is possible?


this is our first draft to the networking session. we ask anyone to carefully reflect upon all these and much more questions and help builing a new obn. now it is up to YOU!

it would be great to start the discussion already beforehand on the list so that we can be really effective in Hamburg.

and please do not forget to comment and add to this draft.

looking forward,


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