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[oldboys] Cyberfeminist House

Date:    12/03/2001 12:24 AM

RE:    Invitation to a global Cyberfeminist open-house

You are invited to a global Cyberfeminist Open House
at 7:30 p.m. CT on Dec. 5, 2001 at

Move your cursor to look around the rooms and close-up. Links take you to
videos, process journals, and critical resources. In the future you will be
visible as an avatar/persona. At this stage of a long-term collaboration we
will not see you but hope to hear from you in the discussion board. The
Cyberfeminist House challenges inscriptions of normalcy from embodied

We collected and considered house as symbol, allegory, analogy, and as a
physical and psychological interactive space. Please add to the discussion
what house symbolizes to you, what your embodied experience of house is, and
allegories or analogies of house.

The Cyberfeminist House revisits issues raised by Judy Chicago's Womanhouse
(1971), Betty Friedan's Feminist Mystique (1963), Charlotte Perkins Gilman's
The Yellow Wallpaper (1892), and Strindberg's (1888) play, Miss Julie
concerning how we are inscribed in houses and how that inscription shapes
and denies our lived experiences in the 21st century. A request from Jane
Olmstead from Western Kentucky University Women's Studies for parallel
projects to At Home: A Kentucky Project with Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman
(2001), initiated Karen Keifer-Boyd's proposal of Cyberfeminist House.

Cyberfeminist House is a collaborative project by Karen Keifer-Boyd at Texas
Tech University's School of Art; graduate students Joyce Centofanti; Lan,
Lin-Lang; Lin, Po-Hsien; Nealy MacKenzie; Adetty Peréz Miles; and Glenn E.
Hill, Director of Environmental Visualization Program, College of
Architecture, Texas Tech University.

We encourage you to send this invitation to others.

Karen Keifer-Boyd, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Art
Texas Tech University
School of Art, Box 42081
Lubbock, TX 79409-2081
(806)742-3010 (phone), ext. 256
(806)742-1971 (fax) (email) (website)

New address begins Jan. 2002
Associate Professor, Art Education
School of Visual Art
The Pennsylvania State University
207 Arts Cottage
University Park, PA 16802-2905
Phone:  814.865.6570
Fax:  814.865.8664

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