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[rohrpost] Webcast 131 with topic "24/7"

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan & more:

 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here is the new Fahrplan:

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 131 with topic "24/7"    SUN/4.2.01, 9pm CET
B) extra_infos 1_2_3_4

A) NetSTReam - Webcast 131 with topic "24/7" SUN/4.2.01, 9pm CET
live @home  <>
topic: "24/7"
content: always busy - always online versus ?
extra: no more breaks? what about doing NOTHING?
all versus nothing, always versus never, online versus offline- (Elisa Rose
short slam)

 plus a best of the latest audio-visual compositions .

B) extra_infos 1_2_3_4
* extra_info1: STR interviewed in inkwell.vue conference (12.-26.1.2001)
(go to "Browse the full list of topics", and there you are).
the DISCUSSION was really active for 2 weeks, it will stay there. David
Hudson was a great interviewer. the conference will be open during the next

* extra_info2:
on the road to Transmediale, Berlin (6.-9.2). STR is there in the flesh. In
the rucksack & in the bookshop at the festival is the new book

* extra_info3:
coming up -  new webcast conversations:
on ->  music with Achim Szepanski, Mille Plateaux label : TUE/20.2.01
on ->  rights & ownership online, Napster, BMG, & more with Dr. Udo
Kornmeier, lawyer for music,
          copyright and media : MON/26.2.01

Station Rose curators for netart at a renowned art project this spring.

stay with us & donīt go away!

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   2-2001

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