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[rohrpost] le mediatrans.00

le mediatrans.00
04022001 02:08 cold outside
n0name live! from transmediale.01
Berlin 4 to 11 February 2001

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1st impressions:
festival theme: D(o) I(t) Y(ourself!) -> folder:
reminds of: folding as a interactive game (or
unfold?), which means Self implementation.
we do it yourself?
the poster: light green like a Start-up, blood
red like digital underground, white like the pure
media light
the webpage: didelldideldodeldiodoh (high
speed DTMF tones) pliepliepliep ("old
computer fashioned") ShockwaveFlash -
making must be animated
meeting or meetingplace? ... [n0name with a 0 (in
words "zero")!]

Copyright (c)  2001 n0name

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