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le mediatrans.19
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n0name live! from home and transmediale.01
Berlin, Germany 4 to 11 February 2001

At 06:59 09.02.01 -0800, normanke wrote:
>> some people get information from the streets,
>> but is it a medium? would it be helpfull to
>> define e.g. the subway as a medium? to see
>> the street as a new medium would help to end
>> the categorial distinction between the
>> immaterial (media) and the physis. street
>> would never be a dead medium (Bruce
>> Sterling) just it's form <- old discussion.
>read "understanding media: the extensions of man" by
>marshall mcluhan. there is a chapter entitled "roads
>and paper routes" which discusses the mediated nature
>of the road -- the street.

yes and no! because mcluhan, when he spoke about media, he thought of an
extension of man (the prothesis, like a artificial limb), that means he
could not imagine a social thing in a realm outer mankind but in contact
with and contrast to mankind (?). i would propose: don't see the objective
world as a mediated space in the meaning of manipulating and simulation,
but as a medial space which one must design and which is designing itself
all the time. so the option would be: the street as a space which x and y
and z and you not just the expert can form, shape, arrange, organize,
program. mcluhan's street is possibly just another massmedium. the steet as
a new medium would transform it into a potential aim for investment in
channels for 'real' social participation: give all people without finance
power back the space they need and don't wonder if they take it. the
following is clear for years now: this would mean first: a laptop and for
everyone + access to real space and virtual space for free and the right to
publish in all media channels, tv, radio, advertising, internet ("our
medium is every wall", the una-bomber problem). but the logic most
governments, artists and companies follow is that the media field must be
formed by professionals (they are inscribing their ideology) and they
overlook, that this field is already formed by everyone, but not adequate.
so it is a problem of ethics, will and authority.

matze schmidt

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