Peter C. Krell on 12 Sep 2001 11:23:01 -0000

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[rohrpost] Paul Garrin lebt!

Liebe Liste,

Paul Garrin hat das Attentat auf das WTC überlebt. Man sollte jetzt auch vor
allem darüber nachdenken, Projekte wie Garrins Name.Space Projekt als
Kultur-Gut und als Plattform eines mündigen politischen Bewußtseins zu
erhalten. Nötigenfalls sollte man auch in Berlin darüber nachdenken, einen
Hilfsfond für New Yorker Internet Kultur, die mit dem Anschlag ebenfalls in
die Krise geraten ist zu begründen und entsprechende Hilfsmaßnahmen in die
Wege zu leiten.
Ich stehe gerne für weitere Vorschläge zur Verfügung. Da meine derzeitge
Internet Adresse bei in NY durch den Terroranschlag ebenfalls in
Mitleidenschaft gezogen wurde, bitte ich darum alle diesbezüglichen Anfragen
und Anregungen an meine andere Mail-Adresse zu schicken:

Vielen Dank,

Peter C. Krell

> Hallo Paul,
> I just watched the news after my sister had called me from Florida. I don´t
> watch TV normally. She told me the World Trade Center would have crashed. I
> laughed and I couldn´t believe it. Then I turned on the radio. It was true.
> The world has changed. Japanese style, if you ask me. Anyway. There is no
> time to joke. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
> Plus, I must say, I am more than happy to see your site is still up.
> If you need support of any kind, I am ready to help you where I can.
> Much respect and good luck.
> Peter 

Hi Peter,

thanks for your note.  I'm ok...a bit in shock.
I felt and heard the explosion this morning from
my home--my whole building shook.

There are F16 aircraft flying over Manhattan, a
gigantic plume of smoke and dust is slowly rising
from the site where the WTC stood...although I live
'upwind' from the disaster, I could still smell and
taste the particles from the blast and destruction.

All the airports are closed and flights grounded in
the entire US...the tunnels and bridges are closed
in NY, and subways are only running OUT of NY.  My
telephones are alive but it's nearly impossible to
get a circuit out of NY.  Fortunately our power is
on at the lab, and our main internet line goes to
midtown, and not to the WTC!

Thank you for your words of support...we should
talk about how you may be able to help Name.Space!
We need to raise more capital, and increase sales,
etc...I hope we survive all of this crazyness so
we can progress beyond this insanity!




LokMail suffers from the 'Gigasecond' bug
in UNIX, whose 'epoch' begins on December 31, 1969,
and counts from 0....on September 9, 2001 the count
in seconds from 12-31-1969 was 1,000,000,000 ...the
software needs to compute the date another way.  I
hope we can fix this soon....luckily, the timestamp
in the headers is correct, just not the way the system
sorts the actual message files.

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